Benguetball is a provinceball of Philippines-icon Philippinesball. He is known as the Salad Bowl of the Philippines due to huge production of upland vegetables in his mountainous clay. Situated within the interior of her mountainous clay is the highly urbanized city of Baguio-icon Baguioball, which is administratively independent from the province.


Benguetball was born as a 1-icon 1ball. Then was adopted by Spanish-Empire-icon Spanish Empireball, USA-icon USAball, Japanese-Empire-icon Japanese Empireball, and finally Philippines-icon Philippinesball.


Benguetball lies southernmost in Cordillera-icon Cordilleraball. He is geographically located between 16’33” north latitude and 120’34” to 120’52” east longitude. On the north, He is bounded by Mountain Provinceball, on the south by Pangasinanball, on the east by Ifugaoball and Nueva Viscayaball and on the west by La Unionball and Ilocos Surball.


How to draw

  1. Draw a circle
  2. Draw the logo of Benguet in the center
  3. Draw the slant-eyes and then you're done
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