Betelgeuseball is a red supergiant star in the constellation of Orion. He is very old, near the end of his life. His light takes around 642 years to reach Earth-icon.png Earthball. It is said that when he blows up, he will be brighter than Moon-icon.png Moonball in the sky. Saying his name three times makes him appear. If he blew up, Earth-icon.png Earthball could be annihilated by the gamma ray bursts emitted by the explosion, which are the second biggest explosion in the universe after the Big Bang, and turned into a wasteland only populated by insects. It's said explosions of other stars have killed off 6-icon.png alien civilizations in the past and will kill Earth-icon.png Earthball's in the future. A star like him has already done the deed 450 million years ago, killing off 2/3 of all life. Betelgeuse is currently brightening up it's clay again and is still easily visible in the sky. If he were to anschluss replace the Sun-icon.png Sunball, he would be as large as Jupiter's orbit.

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