Black Sea Turkeyball is a regionball of Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball. Was home to Pontic Greeceball once, until the greeks were "magically disappeared" in World War One.


Black Sea-Turkey (1919-1933)

Also, Black Sea Turkey was founded in 1919 as Black Sea-Turkey.

A New Generation (1933-1953)

The altered 1940s version of this county was reintroduced for a limited time in 1999 for the "map" and "county" Black Sea Turkey.

Black Sea Turkeyball.png

New County (1953-1965)

In the early-60's, Chester Turkey's image was added to the packaging.

An Ball Journey (1963-1979)

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Black Sea Turkey (1979-1991)

In 1979, Black Sea-Turkey changed the name into Black Sea Turkey in Turkey. The white version of this county was still used until 2012 in other countries such as Marmara Turkey.

New Logo (1991-present)

In 1991, Black Sea Turkey unveiled a new county in Asia.

Ends of the 6 county ball released, the results ends is:

123456 123456
123456 123456

The marker final the needed:

1919 1979
4 2
3 1


END OF.....


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