Albatrossien Albatrossien 25 minutes ago

My 100th edit...


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Breadboi87 Breadboi87 13 hours ago

Can we remove the "Stub tag" from French Fourth Republicball?

I've essentially remade the whole page to where its no longer just like 2 sentences lol

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DiffuseMovie340 DiffuseMovie340 15 hours ago


So, recently, I started to get more into the community. So, I stopped editing for a while. Well, now I am going to be a little less active on discussions because I'm back to editing and contributing.

Also, I will clear my situation on friending me. If you want to, then you better stop clogposting make sure to ask me first. I'll probably say yes, but just incase please ask. Then, you can add me to your friends list.

Well, thats it, bye!

Also clogposts are annoying, pls stop

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Sniperstock Sniperstock 1 day ago

Sup losers

eid mubarak

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Error Time change Error Time change 2 days ago

New guy

Hi!!! I am Error Time change!!! I believe many people in this wiki know me. I start to vote and talk in this wiki one mouth ago.

UNball is the best and PEACE!!!

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Rondambay7 Rondambay7 2 days ago

Whats so strict for roleplays?

Almost all users deleted roleplays makes it more balanced for this wiki content btw.

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Captball Captball 3 days ago

Can someone explain me what the fuck is wrong with the 'ASEANcoin' page?

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Skyrum536 Skyrum536 5 days ago

Important announcement!

Hello, if you do not recognize me, I am Dark Sonic 14 real, and I wanted to inform you that I have changed my name and userball. I do this to start a new stage of my life on the internet.

My new userball:

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Thundism Thundism 5 days ago

sadly my mom got divorced 2 years ago so im living with my dad rn

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TheImmorxy TheImmorxy 5 days ago

Guess who's back now 👀

Hey there

if you don't know me, i'm Immor

i have been inactive like 5 month or something

so, i'm back now!

and also here's my new userball

And also if you have any questions just ask me some questions or something

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SakuraForests SakuraForests 5 days ago


qna because yes

no personal info

yeah that's it

ask away

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Brickblitz Brickblitz 6 days ago


new to this wiki, hope to do some cool stuff

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Johannes Mattias Toome Johannes Mattias Toome 8 days ago

Random art

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Joeldav33 Joeldav33 8 days ago


wait nvm

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Nguyenhung2008 Nguyenhung2008 8 days ago

I created "Flag This!" as a countryball :D!

Hế lô mí cưng :>>>!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, I created Flag This!




and here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (see at the right corner)

And who will create there icon???? Pls cmt :>

p/s: cmt is the abbreviation of comment

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RSS tagle RSS tagle 10 days ago


ja because i'm bored and no asking personal information

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TheRobloxianGuy67 TheRobloxianGuy67 10 days ago

Random Q&A because im bored

send questions or die thx

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Junie522 Junie522 12 days ago


Hello! The names junie522, but you can call me Frozen. I live in the Northeastern part of the United States of America. I live to animate, draw, and edit. Other stuff will be in the future ig

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Captball Captball 14 days ago

Can someone help me with inserting block quotes and country icons plz cuz i'm kinda new

Yeah help me plz if yuo can

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Passenger888 Passenger888 14 days ago

Art request (May)

This art request is unique. I'll try to draw like you, yes you. Your art style. Only 5 because I'm very busy now. May do more.

  1. Toolbox64
  2. Mtcat101
  3. SakuraForests
  4. RSS tagle
  5. DIffuseMovie340
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Noel The T Noel The T 14 days ago

Countries and Dependencies

Name all the countries and territories. Here are some: Serranilla Bank, Juan Fernandez Islands, and Bajo Nuevo Bank.

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NativeAmericanBall2 NativeAmericanBall2 15 days ago

Which part of Russia is the best (European or Siberia Asia)

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Nguyenhung2008 Nguyenhung2008 15 days ago

Change a flag for Da Nangball

Da Nang has it's logo (see:, so the Da Nangball (and it's icon) needs to be changed


Done! (see at the lower right corner)

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Skyrum536 Skyrum536 16 days ago

Old West Group Photo

I don't know, I'm bored, so I'll do a group photo with an old west theme, why not?

There is no user limit or time limit.

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TheGermanicCanadian TheGermanicCanadian 17 days ago

q&a, i guess

so uh

hey there

it's me, tgc, the formerly active mod!

part time moron, part time sarcastic, full time hyperfixated on other things nerd

it's in the name i guess

ask me stuff (about myself, or basically anything else)

but i won't do your homework for you.

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AlexZ7 AlexZ7 21 days ago

QnA - April 2021


i receive: questions

you receive: answers

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MrBismark MrBismark 22 days ago

Who's this bitch CheebyCube

You know, I feel like I should know about this guy but for some reason I don't, despite having researched a good bit of the wiki's history. A few days ago the "Cubacube Insurgency", as some frenchman called it, appears to be from CC34. So, my guess is that he's not gone.

Enlighten me, please.

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Aksel playsz Aksel playsz 24 days ago

hellllo ibeen out for a while right ?

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Mtcat101 Mtcat101 26 days ago


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Wubbzymon Wubbzymon 27 days ago


Ohhhhh we got 10 pages in 2 days, help us there!

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Mtcat101 Mtcat101 14 April

New Users Template

The Users Template is being redone.

If you want to add yourself on it (if you haven't been already) request here: User:Mtcat101/User template requests

You may also request here if you really want to.

Template is below:

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EpeBah EpeBah 14 April


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DiffuseMovie340 DiffuseMovie340 13 April


I just left the wiki alone for a day and now discussions is being shelled by a "Cubacube" insurgency

what has this wiki descended into


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ArktikBoi ArktikBoi 11 April


Add a 'art' and 'comics' tab

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Caio11112 Caio11112 10 April

"Birthday" Art Contest

Today it has been three years since my first edit on the wiki done by my original account Caio11115, and I've long planned a contest where I could receive gifts from other users... Show me your art skills and have fun testing them on me.

  1. No use of any tools (circle and line tools).
  2. No copypasting my userflag image file from the userpage to the drawing.
  3. Make sure there is a birthday hat or anything like that in the userball (which is also required to submit your art into the contest) or overall art.
  4. Draw within a time of 14 days (two weeks). After that, votes will be hosted to decide which drawing was the best-made. The deadline is April 24.
    1. In addition, don't feel bad if your drawing did not win - you at least showed your art to me, which mad…
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Thundism Thundism 9 April

Ask me to be my friend!

Ask right here to be my friend if i accept or decline bc i need friends on my bio

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Passenger888 Passenger888 9 April

Leaving soon

I'm not leaving, changed my ever-changing mind

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TheBluesteelGuys TheBluesteelGuys 8 April

how i add userboxes?

how i add userboxes?

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AKRussia AKRussia 8 April

Blogging sound like BLOBBY

When I heard blogging I thought about the jelly in Hotel Transylvania.

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Dottedd Dottedd 6 April


I love polandball. I shall makes more arts

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Mtcat101 Mtcat101 5 April

Admin Q and A (serious questions only)

Yes, I am now an admin

Thought I'd do a Q and A

Please use this seriously, I will not answer any non-serious questions.

Ask away!

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Leoneldario Leoneldario 5 April

Made a fictional country. Yay?

Saw someone else do it so why not?

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NotFunnyChan69 NotFunnyChan69 4 April

Easter Group Photo

Making a group photo for easter

It's gonna be in a church and if you're not ok with it, I won't add you

If you are ok with it and you ask, you will be added to the list

  1. Myself
  2. Byz
  3. Nash
  4. Melody
  5. Castle
  6. Winter
  7. Nj
  8. Mtcat
  9. N1DF
  10. TRG
  11. Caio
  12. TGC
  13. Random
  14. Jugo
  15. SCG
  16. Fox
  17. MedM
  18. Jcoder
  19. Bismark
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Passenger888 Passenger888 4 April

Art requests (Gaming 🎮)

Doing art requests since my holidays is full of boredom.

When you sign up, tell me what your favourite gaming thing is, PC, Xbox, Playstation or N i n t e n d o.

Ending by 10/4/2021 9:00 AM AEST

Doing only 15, so hurry up!

  1. Rakhine (PC) Done
  2. Mtcat101 (PC) Done but R.I.P to him :(
  3. SCG (PS5) Done
  4. Byz-Venetikos (Cards) Done
  5. Number1Dfan (Switch) Done
  6. TheRobloxianGuy67 (PSP) Done
  7. Gcachoni3 (LG Style 5) ???
  8. DiffuseMovie340 (PC and Xbox) Done
  9. Futureball7321v (PC and PS4) ???
  10. Foxlandia (Switch) Done
  11. Enjania (Xbox 360 and One) DOne
  12. ShanGuy400 (PC)DoNe

Also, I went digging treasure at my old house and founded an iPad 1st generation lol.

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Joogotakensaad Joogotakensaad 1 April

how you guys doing?

how you guys doing?

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Joogotakensaad Joogotakensaad 31 March



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oh wow

I really haven’t been on this wiki for a while...

I didn’t leave it btw, just no longer as active as before

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AlexZ7 AlexZ7 30 March


Am taking a break from PBW, so not going to check anything here in a month.

If you need anything DM me on discord.

Also going to have a Q&A when I return.


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Patriot of Canada Patriot of Canada 30 March

PolandBall Memes

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Mediterranean Mapper Mediterranean Mapper 28 March


Ok. So im making icons for all iconless pages and USERS! If you want an icon for you or your page just ask me. I started this over a month ago but I didn't it so now I am. Here is what I made till now

In order: 1=Salar people, china. 2=Onogurs, extinct, Ukraine. 3=Turgesh People, Extinct, Kyrgyzstan.
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