Number1Dfan Number1Dfan 6 hours ago

Voting for the PBW BHM mapping competition

Alright everybody. The maps are in. Submissions are now closed.

I pretty much like everything I see here

Here are the available maps that can be voted for

Alright here is how the voting systems work. You can only vote for a maximum capacity of 3 people.

3 points for your favorite artist 2 points for your second favorite 1 point for your third favorite.

Also, you cannot vote for yourself. That is technically cheating in a way.

Anyways have fun with the votes and may the best gain a victory.

Voting ends on the 27th

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Prussiabalzzzzz Prussiabalzzzzz 13 hours ago


Hi, i am new on Polandball wiki. Ore old. Depends on when U read it. Anyways, I will not make a new Blog for like a thousand Years so bye.

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Mediterranean Mapper Mediterranean Mapper 15 hours ago

art reqs

im accepting art reqs if ANYONE ever finds this.

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Bosnian Empire Bosnian Empire 18 hours ago

Bosnian Empire 13th Birthday Group Photo Requests

Hello everyone,Today is my 13th Birthday! And I'm today doing a group photo requests for it!

Leave a comment thanking my Birthday and I will put you in my Group Photo Request!

1. RakhineEmpire213

2. TheRobloxianGuy67

3. U4Again

4. MyHeartqwertty












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Hurricanehunter946 Hurricanehunter946 1 day ago

Catalonia: i want freedom Spain: I dont think so boii

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Happy B-day Estonia

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Batuhan2304 Batuhan2304 2 days ago


On This Year What Should Be Do?

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Xdes231 Xdes231 2 days ago



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Xdes231 Xdes231 2 days ago


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Xdes231 Xdes231 2 days ago

blog post

give me some achivments. >:>

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Wolfhandfoxhybrid Wolfhandfoxhybrid 4 days ago

i am confused, someone help

hi i was wondering if someone could explain who this is from the Countryballs map

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Bosnian Empire Bosnian Empire 5 days ago

PBW Manhunt

In this video,4 of my friends tried to hunt me down and stop me from beating Earth Minecraft,Can they stop me from qonquring the rest of the world or will i survive? This is Minecraft manhunt,also 40% percent of you how are viewing this blogpost has not commented,so please comment and you can always change your mind later,enjoy the video!

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PigeonProj PigeonProj 6 days ago

So basically...

Actually, I am gonna work on the fanon wiki more than this, as the concept of countryballs from a fanon seems interesting. Gonna tell again that I still have the projects to do and they still aren't finished yet. I may still work on the actual wiki of Polandball, but very less often. I have a break of doing any other designs of countrybirds because I am focusing on something else instead.

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E23fjf E23fjf 8 days ago


serbiaball is a countryball in south eastern europe who is crazy nationalistic dank memer and boss kebab remover

Serbiaball you see him with gun ready to remove kebabs

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OptimusPrime33 OptimusPrime33 8 days ago

There is A Imposter Within the Group Photo!!!!!!!

Hi Guys I’m back with another Group Photo Art Request, Now let me say something first Before I explain

So about 3 months ago or so I made a blog saying that I Was doing a Late Birthday Party Group Photo, So here’s the Thing, The Answer is Yes, It is Still Coming out (I’ve done the outlining just need to do the detail and colouring), but Due to been lazy and having a Tight Schedule I haven’t been able to finish it as of yet, i’ll Ping everyone on Discord and Send it once I have finished it, So for those who have been patient about it Thank You, Now back to what I have installed This time while after This one

Because just because I fell like it and though it would be funny, I’ll be making a Among Us Group Photo, because dued to how much fun we…

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XerosPlex XerosPlex 9 days ago

Something wrong with profiles

Am I the only one who sees "this user has not filled out their profile yet" on any other users profile (It doesn't show for mine though) even though I remember those users having a profile.

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ClosedIP190 ClosedIP190 9 days ago


There are not enough users to join this wiki or contribute. Please help or let me know how to join our community, thank you for the advice.

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ClosedIP190 ClosedIP190 9 days ago

Vote Day

Go post voting systems, everyone.

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ClosedIP190 ClosedIP190 9 days ago


Hello, I just wanted that I'm going to get a bunch of friends and other I have to do. Just everything.

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ClosedIP190 ClosedIP190 9 days ago


Hello there, Polandballers, I just wanted to say Donald Trump has been removed from his office immediately because he's a racist, stupid, and a no-good person. Joe Biden will have the power of peace, prosperity, freedom, and justice. The page of USAball will be edited soon because of Trump-related activities, racism, and bad stuff. Have a safe and great day, Polandballers.

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ClosedIP190 ClosedIP190 9 days ago

Project Petrification

Well, I helped Mtcat101 to renovate the pages and add things to it. I also wanted to say that we are going to delete all underpopulated cityballs and put them on Small Polandballs Wiki. Now, all users of Polandball wiki shall replace small, underpopulated cityballs them to a new wiki, including the admins. Now, enjoy, relax, and sit to work.

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ClosedIP190 ClosedIP190 9 days ago

New President

Congralutions to Joe Biden, he's now a president of USA. He beat Trump during the 2020 election, had millions of votes. So, let's start the new era of Joe Biden!!!

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PigeonProj PigeonProj 10 days ago

Something that I also have to do

So to be said, I have finished all of my mid-term exams this week and now I have a mid-term holiday. However, I also have some school projects that I have to do in home during this week. This is also why I am contributing less to the Wiki now.

It kinda feels now tiring to edit a lot on the Wiki, but nonetheless, I still have to focus more on other things, especially when I have to finish the designs for the independent Caribbean countries as birds for my "conceptual project" known as Countrybirds.

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Passenger888 Passenger888 11 days ago

Doing art requests!

I'm doing art request for anyone. Only going to do 5, so quickly request it before it's taken up!

Also people who've asked can also see their progress here.

CLOSED so no more requests

  1. Bosnian Empire (Done)
  2. Mtcat101 (Done)
  3. Toolbox64 (Done)
  4. Number1Dfan (Done)
  5. TheRobloxianGuy (Done)
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Bosnian Empire Bosnian Empire 11 days ago

Group Photo Request (Valentines Day Special)

Today is Valentines Day,the day when People go out to buy gifts for their girlfriend and go on a date.

Im doing a group photo of it.

Write down your Special Friend and write down your message to your special friend and I will draw it in a group photo.

  • 2 Rules:
  • 3 For Example:
    • 3.1 Couple
  • 4 People who entered:
    • 4.1 First Couple
    • 4.2 Second Couple
    • 4.3 Third Couple
    • 4.4 Fourth Couple
    • 4.5 Fifth Couple
  • 5 Reminder

  • This is not NSFW/NSFL!
  • No saying Inappropriate/Hate message when writing your Message,Please be more Creative/Specific.
  • This is not an Actual Valentine,its just a group photo that we show about Valentines day.
  • Im not going to add anything Inappropriate,its going to be less.
  • This Group Photo doesn't portray LGBT,LGBT is certainly allowed but it must b…

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IndestructibleGlass IndestructibleGlass 14 days ago

Hold on, what

Okay, so if you go to Special:Community, you'll find that there is a manager called MarkusRost. WHAT? Since when did a part-time staff member decide to come and be the dedicated WIKI MANAGER of the PBW? I checked other wikis, and they weren't there? Is this temporary? What will happen to this wiki? I don't think much will happen, though, the editors here will just keep on editing.

So will this affect the PBW in a good way or a bad way? I really hope things stay positive. Surely it might actually be for another community, but I highly doubt that. I even have a photo of it. The red link clearly shows that it's the PBW.

- IndestructibleGlass (talk | contribs) 04:41, 12 February 2021 (UTC)

Update 17 February 2021:

Well, there's new info. The info can…

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Icantthinkofanamexd Icantthinkofanamexd 14 days ago

Stop changing infobox images

Hey, if you are reading this and you keep changing the infobox images, Please just stop changing the infobox images to worse images, even templated, and rule breaking-images (like copy-pasted images and shape tools and line tools and that stuff). You can only replace the infobox images on pages if it has the category "Replace Image", which is only used on pages that have rule-breaking and templated images.

ONLY replace the page's infobox image to an image that isn't templated or better than the original image, except if the image itself is rule-breaking.

For further information, please check no. 11 on this section of the rules page!

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Johannes Mattias Toome Johannes Mattias Toome 15 days ago

I will try to draw a group photo and fail miserably... Why does it sound familiar

I will do a group photo with 10 and a half people so join fast... or don't... I don't care.
3.Bosnia Mapper
Potatoes are tasty, if you disagree, then you disagree

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Ralilij Ralilij 16 days ago


history and relationships also politics

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DiffuseMovie340 DiffuseMovie340 16 days ago

Create your flag!

Yep, I'm doing requests for new flags. DM on Discord, look in my profile. There are only 3 slots for now, so hurry!

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PigeonProj PigeonProj 17 days ago

Concerning about my activity on the Wiki

Hello everyone, this is my first blog post here.

So basically, I have contributed so much over the past 5 days. However, this time, I will do less amount of edits than I ever did as I need to focus on completing designs of countries as birds for my "project" called Countrybirds, where in this concept, countries (and oblasts, regions, cities, etc. that relate to that) are depicted and personified as birds. I also have mid-term exams this week and next week, so I have to revise the materials required for the exams. For my "project" called Countrybirds, I am done with all the countries in Europe, Asia, and Oceania depicted as birds. Now I will focus on designing more of the island countries around the world, then all of the countries in Africa…

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Calreiboz Semi Mapping Calreiboz Semi Mapping 17 days ago

Subreddit for fictional countryballs

because i need a subreddit for fictional ones, please, can i post a comic in that subreddit?

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Mtcat101 Mtcat101 17 days ago

Art reqs or something idk

edit: i'm doing 9 ok

I didn't want to do 5 or 10 so I'll do 8

doing art requests

your userball or a countryball i don't care

1. victim 1

2. victim ½

3. among us

4. victim 4.59023578

5 አጠራጣሪ

6. Mtcat102

7. nepal

8 good morning

9. (he is going to take my toilet but don't tell him that i will take his first)

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StronkBitterGuy StronkBitterGuy 17 days ago

dagestan gaming

dagestan gaming

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SargisB SargisB 20 days ago


I am alive!

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Tedyc4gmailcom Tedyc4gmailcom 23 days ago

thanks for making this wiki!


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TpmSans07 TpmSans07 24 days ago


When there is dark is darker that if it wasn't dark.

Thats how philosophy works.

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Number1Dfan Number1Dfan 25 days ago

PBW BHM mapping competition

This will be the first official black history month mapping competition to raise awareness to our African countries and their historical empires. Due to the misfortunes throughout African history from the Atlantic and Bantu (Indian Ocean) slave trade through the African scramble Africa seems to be place where Europe always conquered and always forgotten during important historical events during world war 2. This mapping competition is about remembering Africa and giving the continent the attention and the love that it deserve.

Here are the rules.

1. No colonialism: We would not be promoting colonial periods or colonies since they were a negative part of black history. Remember this is an African mapping competition

2. Time setting: You have the…

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Sagopa K Sagopa K 26 days ago


Unban me on dc you guys are a week late

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JA Countryball JA Countryball 26 days ago

Hi guys

Well Im anti-jewish so of course i support Iranball but im not a Hezoballah boi. I am a Rashayaball, Lebanonball, Montrealball and a Canadaball on Quebecball

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Bosnian Empire Bosnian Empire 26 January

Doing Art Requests!


Today im Doing Art Requests! A package has arrived at my door. And it had Ipad 8th gen and Apple Pencil!

So I decided,why not do Art Requests.

And here is proof that I've got it.

'Comment down below if you want to be in art requests and be drawn!! We are doing about 15!

  • 1. Immor (Finished)
  • 2. Passenger888 (Finished)
  • 3. RakhineEmpire213 (Finished)
  • 4. Mtcat101 (Finished)
  • 5. Sargisba (Finished)
  • 6. CuteSushiPizza (Finished)
  • 7. DiffuseMovie340 (Finished)
  • 8. FloweyFan (WIP)
  • 9. Bosnia Mapper
  • 10. Number1Dfan
  • 11. Rabbit King RBLX
  • 12. Toolbox64
  • 13. TheRobloxianGuy67
  • 14. Gator Von
  • 15. KisoKany128

Art Requests will end onc…

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who will win real life il duce with is bodyguard or italian countryhuman

wht you think who wins this figth you choose

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TheImmorxy TheImmorxy 23 January

Le art request has arrived

i'm going draw your userball if you want, so the total request limit is 20

  • Mtcat (Finished)
  • Maplexe (Finished)
  • Rak (Finished)
  • The filipino guy who's a bri'ish wannabeTRG (Finished)
  • Passenger888 (Finished)
  • Bosnian Empire (Finished)
  • Heartqwertty (Finished)
  • Sargisba (Finished)
  • DiffuseMovie (Finished)
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DiffuseMovie340 DiffuseMovie340 21 January


I uhm.. don't know what to put here. But feel free to ask me something!

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Number1Dfan Number1Dfan 20 January

Some Q and A

If anyone have questions about me I can awnser them. Just ask lol

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MeltdownE MeltdownE 20 January

should i come back

i'm tired aaaaa

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Dark Sonic 14 real Dark Sonic 14 real 19 January

Lenguage userboxes!

I have created some new language-themed userboxes, for you to put on your userpages. Now they are few, but in the future I will create more (although you can also create them).

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DrawingBritainReal DrawingBritainReal 19 January

photo test

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PieSamuray PieSamuray 18 January

How many users are on this wikia

Hello! I've been wandering for a while on this wiki and i got this question in my head: how many users are on this wikia?

I really want to know the answer, i've been searching by myself but i didn't find the corect number of users

PS: i want to know how many users are in total not just the active ones


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KisoKany128 KisoKany128 18 January

Welp guess who's back 👀

Yo hello PB Wiki!

Ig no one remembered me, but hey, I'm back!!

I'll still be pretty semi active tho. But I'm really active on Discord!

== Might rejoin the Wiki Discord Server soon :0 (JOINED!!) ==

Also if your reading this, I'm gonna apply 3 art requests!! (didn't add that to the title cause I forgot- )

You can ask me to draw any country -- or OC's -- ya want! :D

== CLOSED ==

== Remaining Requests... ==

- TheRobloxianGuy67 (Finished!)

- Bosnian Empire (Finished!)

- Passenger888

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