Icantthinkofanamexd Icantthinkofanamexd 1 day ago

USAball but it's edited by me


|nativename = United States of America |founded = July 4, 1776 |image = Fourth of July.png |government = Federal presidential constitutional republic |personality = Ignorant, Arrogant, War Lover, Imperialistic (like his father), Hypocrite, but also a Democracy Fan, Generous, Optimistic and a Hardworker |language =Official Language:

none de jure

Primary Language:

English de facto

Secondary Languages:

Mexican Some Spanish
Sinitic Languages (1%)

|capital = Washington DCball |affiliation = NATOball


|religion = All of them (but mostly Christianity) |friends = Pretty much everyone, but the more important one:

Definetly my president
Best Bro
My father
Saudi Arabiaball

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Number1Dfan Number1Dfan 2 days ago

Art Requests: But this time......


I am actually going to try on my request this time

I used to have very bad art. If you want to see my bad art go to this gallery to see it, its too much to write on a blog post Go to the bad art link over here

But now My art has improved. You can see my good art in my profile, that's the only thing that I will post there.

Anyways if you want me to draw art for your userball just ask me


List of requests

  • Jugoslav finished
  • The Immorxy (in progres)
  • AirlineCruisline
  • Rakhine
  • Gator
  • Nash
  • Mtcat
  • CSP
  • Mtcat SIMP Axxesz
  • KisoKany
  • No name
  • TRG
  • Rex
  • That Couple

Okay request are closed now

when I need a limit of people and the request gets to the point where it is too much I will close the art requests

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Axxesz Axxesz 3 days ago


soo uhhh here is some art

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Thomasz5372 Thomasz5372 4 days ago


Welcome to Thomasz5372's blog!


  • Czechiaball
  • South Koreaball
  • Japanball
  • Franceball
  • Argentinaball
  • These little balls
  • NATOball
  • Switzerlandball


  • EUball-REMOVE ARTICLE 13 NAO!!!! or else.....
  • Swedenball-I like your food but remove pewdiepie! They are way better!
  • Indiaball-same with swedenball.


  • Kebab-I'm on the kebab remover list, so would you get outta here?!
  • Pakistanball-WOULD YOU STOP BANNING INNOCENT ANIME?! Also you're on the Kebab list.

I AINT SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

  • HOW MANY ANSCHLUSS DO I NEED TO DO?!(good thing they are dead now)

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Iamcute666 Iamcute666 4 days ago

Jan. 10th is Polandball Wiki's birthday so happy early birthday Polandball wiki!

Yeah so Polandball wiki was created on January 10th 2010, so it will be 11 years old now :D

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LucZen123 LucZen123 5 days ago

this is my first countryball comic!

please read this comic this is funny!

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LucZen123 LucZen123 6 days ago

we need more ethic groupballs

if you dont know if they exist you can go to this website about ethic groups http://stateless-nations.com/



Kel Ahaggarball





Aveliler Öz Türk'türball


South Moluccasball



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Mtcat101 Mtcat101 6 days ago

Christmas Group Photo

Why am I doing this so early?

Because it will take a LONG time to do.


Because there is a limit of 50 users.

Okay request below

  1. Me
  2. Ross (banned, but it's Ross)
  3. Ultra
  4. Gunnar Foss
  5. Carlo
  6. Castle
  7. Rakhine
  8. Winter
  9. Dfan
  10. Gator
  11. Enjania
  12. CSP
  13. uwu man Ivih
  14. Jugoslav
  15. SJ
  16. Immor
  17. Shəitan Ərməni
  18. Rex
  19. Splat Yuto (yeah i know they're banned, they asked nicely)
  20. OMG/Metal78 (yeah i know they're banned, they asked nicely)
  21. Candi
  22. PeanutButter
  23. OP33
  24. TRG
  25. Taken name guy
  26. Nash
  27. No name guy
  28. Vardan
  29. Shuik (yeah i know they're banned, they asked nicely)
  30. 15804aaa
  31. Brett
  32. WildCoil

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TowerBridge TowerBridge 7 days ago


Shall we add a seperate Polandball/Gallery page in extension to the Polandball page? I feel like the main one is too bloated with all the comics and artwork. This could be done with other major countryball pages, too.

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Mtcat101 Mtcat101 10 days ago

How to not draw Mtcat101

This is based off of Gunnar Foss's "how to not draw gunnar foss"

go ahead, make the shittyest art of me possible (tools allowed)

All of this will go on a video on my YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeJEY7bbqKSdWcSxdvau5HQ?view_as=subscriber

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Icantthinkofanamexd Icantthinkofanamexd 10 days ago


since people are doing this, i decided to give this a shot

Ask me anything except everyones personal life details

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KisoKany128 KisoKany128 10 days ago

Hem... just a blog post making test, since things changed-

Nothing much, just a test lmao

And I'm slowly becoming a dead member here a c k -

But yea, hab Germanyball with hair (which is an old art, and it's the closest CB drawing I can found- )

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Axxesz Axxesz 11 days ago


The first 100 people to click on the link get to join a discord server :)


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SnoubFoxy SnoubFoxy 12 days ago

Dzień dobry

Hello Earthlings!

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15804aaa 15804aaa 13 days ago

Total Gloabal Island Episode 1

  • 1 Opening
  • 2 Theme song
  • 3 Introducing the campers
  • 4 Teams

Canada: Yo, Canada here live feom camp wawanakwa in muskoka ontario(Yes it ia a real place) where 22 campers will face eachother,bears and flies.

Yo! Canada here live from camp wawanakwa, in muskoka Ontario!(Yes, it is actually a real place) where 22 campers will compete for 100,000 Dollars they will face flies,bears and each other, here is the campire ceremony where every camper will all but one will recive a marshmallow. Who will be competing find out on total gloabal island!!!!!!

Dear mom and dad I'm dying inside

You guys are on my mind

You aked me what I wanted to be

And the answer is plain to see

I wanna be polanball

Polandball ah ah Polandball Polandball

I wanna live close to the sun

Pack you b…

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Eliasb2011 Eliasb2011 14 days ago

Ranked 642

I'm Ranked 642 by points, so far today, 11/19/2020

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Number1Dfan Number1Dfan 15 days ago

The Second African Map competition


  • 1 What is the theme
  • 2 Background
  • 3 Required Countries
    • 3.1 North Africa
    • 3.2 The Horn of Africa
      • 3.2.1 These are not required but it is recommended
    • 3.3 West Africa
    • 3.4 Southern Africa

the theme of this map competition is 2020. There are a lot of issues going on currently in africa

In africa lots of sh*t is going on with sepratisum and drama arouses, so I decided to make a second maping competition cause Im african and I am concerned . The point behind this is to address the Western Sahara conflict , and the Tigray Military Intervention. I hope that africa will one be in peace. We are in a pandemic, but yet some countries still want to be in a war currently. I just want to address this so I guess we will have a map competition about the conflict.


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This is my blog post.

Idk do whatever you want here

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Andrew Do Andrew Do 18 days ago

Worst Wikia (Or Fandom) Update

What the heck happen, it a glitch, its not an update, i made the title wrong

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Axxesz Axxesz 18 days ago

Icons and Stuff


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Schweiz500 Schweiz500 18 days ago


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Icantthinkofanamexd Icantthinkofanamexd 18 days ago

Guys, please stop removing stans category on some countryballs...

Ummm... So I realized that some users here remove the stan category on some countries that don't end with stan. Well, some countries end with stan in SOME languages! Here is some proof so you don't need to keep removing the stan category, check this link below!


Then you'll see why I add the stan category on Polandball, Serbiaball and Indiaball. They're called STAN in other languages!

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Mtcat101 Mtcat101 19 days ago

Group photo thing yay

Well, it's been a while since there have been any art requests on this wiki.

Mainly because of UCP, I believe, with users leaving or becoming less active.

So, uh, I guess I might as well do this.

I'll do 5 people + myself

0. Mtcat101

1. Dfan

2. Nash

3. SJ

4. no name guy

5. Axxesz

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Thedudewhoexists101 Thedudewhoexists101 19 days ago

Gamers, rise up

Gamers, we have achieved the impossible; We have kept a culture, an ethnic majority, alive for a decade. That culture is Polandball, and we are proud guardians of it. We have made it ascend beyond the meme verse, and become an individual. But due to the update, it has ceased its popularity, and has fallen into darkness. People have left, and we must stop this. We can't let it die, so I suggest we return to the ancient times. I suggest us and companyballs unite. *crowd is shocked* I know. I know. Some of you may be uncertain of this. But they have the same art and a similar wiki layout. I think we can trust these people, they're run by some of the same people, certainly we can put diplomacy in this. Of course, I, myself, was hesitant to post…

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Buttonszilla Buttonszilla 20 days ago

Goodbye old friend

Bye im leaving this Wiki

Instagram: @buttonszilla

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Buttonszilla Buttonszilla 20 days ago

Hi Guys

Hello My Name Is CanadianUSACool 2 Why My Name Change Becuse i Lost My Password

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i got discord


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PaigeOfaBook PaigeOfaBook 24 days ago

i can still of into existing

im just not of into active much

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PaigeOfaBook PaigeOfaBook 24 days ago

art contest because yes

(IS OF CLOSED) henlo my fellow polandballers 

i am cherry and i am of goings to announce a art contest 

so basically yuo will has to draw my userball (who will be seen at the end of the pooost)

closes on the 10th btw 

also pancakes are yummy

Mlchn888 is of win yay congratulations yayayaywyayhayaua

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Bosnia Mapper Bosnia Mapper 25 days ago

Well, the wiki is actually dead now,

Yeah. We’re losing people left and right. The wiki just isn’t what it once was, not that it really was anything to begin with.

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AtlantisballYeah AtlantisballYeah 25 days ago

Im going to be semi-active (don’t worry I’m not completely leaving like some other people)

So I am going to be semi-active from now, because school started again. Don't worry, I am not going to leave Polandball Wiki like some other people, and I hope I won't have to leave soon. So bye for now.

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Number1Dfan Number1Dfan 26 days ago

Announcment to make, on discord

If anyone catch me saying something stupid in discord please post it in StupidStuff box so I can be aware of myself. I would really appreciate it

Thats all and thank you I really like these models of lines so I would use them more!

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EdGuyYT EdGuyYT 26 days ago


Welp, another 2 hours of work down the drain... again.

Can we can an F for my page? It took me a long time to make it and it has been around for 2 years. I even showed proof via a wikipedia source link that it is a real place!

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Fechner Fechner 27 days ago


Im leaving this wiki as well as the discord server, good bye.

If you want to talk to me, visit this page: http://coderturk.org/

-coderturkorg 2007-2017 SaGoPa K KeY KaF KeF1996

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KEBo123 KEBo123 27 days ago


HElLO, i am kebo 123 .......hmm idk what to say.... .(thinking intensifies)...I like swiss cheese?.....anyway what is ur favourite country?? ^^

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TheRobloxianGuy67 TheRobloxianGuy67 29 days ago

Countryball drawing ideas

Since i am very bored right now, I might aswell make countryball art requests it can be a countryball that currently exists or that dosent exist PLS !!! GIB ME YOUR IDEAS AND THEN I WILL DRAW IT!!!

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ThatDudeRightHere ThatDudeRightHere 4 November

Why I'm not that active anymore

Ok, to all of you wondering why I'm not really active as I used to be, there are a few reasons. One of these things is real-life stuff like school, but another reason is because of UCP. To be honest, I like some aspects of UCP, but I don't really like it. One, it's really unfinished and broken, and there's no way you can create a unbroken wiki unless you adopt an inactive one, two, editing is nightmarish on UCP, three, FANDOM's force-migrating all wikis to UCP with no choice between legacy and UCP, and four, FANDOM is really irresponsible with bug reports.

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XerosPlex XerosPlex 3 November

About the server

Even though I don't plan on returning to the server, I wonder how new users will be able to go to the server now that it no longer appears after the update.

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AlexZ7 AlexZ7 3 November

Remove UCP

Guys, so I see a lot of hates against UCP (I also hate it) and I just found this petition to remove it in a blog post. So I want to share it here so everyone might see it and sign the petition. http://chng.it/nJ2NgZCsvW

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Thedudewhoexists101 Thedudewhoexists101 1 November

I'm untouched by the 'crappy update'

Well, I may be lucky, but I'm experiencing no problems with the UCP update. Why are we saying 'oooogableck frick arghh mcFIIIIRGIN BLEGHH!' When we aren't doing anything? Just ask the wiki admin to do something, don't you think? We aren't motivating them by calling them stupid arseholes, right?

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Panch molina Panch molina 31 October

Fuck this shit im out

Don't mind me

I'm just gonna grab my stuff and leave

excuse me please

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Mr. Fegelein Mr. Fegelein 31 October

Add gender

I think we should add a "gender" part to the countryball infobox. This will explain more about their personality, making them more realistic. Should we?

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AirlineCruiselineEditor AirlineCruiselineEditor 31 October

i got a drawing tablet


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TheKapampanganKid TheKapampanganKid 31 October


Oh no! I'm having a hard time in editing because of UCP! When will legacy go back! Do you guys also hate UCP?

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ShadowSpirits8877 ShadowSpirits8877 31 October


Well, so much for a hiatus.

This wiki became a mess. The Discord server isn't there anymore. And it's extremely difficult to look at what's been edited (probably making it more difficult to report bad users and vandalism, too).

This is a complete disaster.

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Mtcat101 Mtcat101 30 October

I am back! hooray

finally something not about the ucp update

Yes I am back, so yay.

In case you were wondering why I left, which I have told some people, feel free to DM me on discord.

Yeah sure I made edits here and there, but those were to fix issues (mostly caused by new folk who have yet to get used to the rules around here), and to update User:Icantthinkofanamexd/Agreelandball and my userpage.

But now I will come back to doing the stuff that I used to do around here. Yay

- |Mtcat101 happyball]]|}} Mtcat101 21:40, 30 October 2020 (UTC)

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TheRobloxianGuy67 TheRobloxianGuy67 30 October

This is the worst update of FANDOM

The UCP is the worst update that I have ever seen seriously did someone at FANDOM ever think of this idea, I recieve a lot of bugs from this UCP some of this are very annoying this UCP makes me harder to edit now Thanks FANDOM! you made my wiki a messed up place

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Drawing Ideas

I have no drawing ideas please help me. Could be anything. Certain battles, a country. PLEASE I NEED SOMETHING TO DO BEFORE MY BRAIN MELTS

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SpicyMeatbol SpicyMeatbol 30 October

This wiki is heating up

And not in a good way. No one ever gets along any more...

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Iminlovewithpolandball Iminlovewithpolandball 29 October

this layout is probably the worst thing ever

why did we need an update in the first place?

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