Siema to everyone!

It's time for the next edition of PB Map Competition. It became a nice little tradition to this Fandom by now, I would love to continue for as long as I can. So many good maps were created just for this event, I am proud! I hope we made PB maps a bit more popular among this community. Now the eighth edition begins!


Map of what?

- You CAN create a map of things listed nicely on this list:

  • Country
  • Unrecognised Country
  • Autonomous Region
  • Historical Country.
  • Historical Region.
  • Historical Map of Continent (Before the fall of the Soviet Union)
  • Historical Map of the World (Before the fall of the Soviet Union)
  • Organisation

- You CANNOT create a map of modern world, continent etc.

- You can do the same country as another user, you don't have to worry about it.

Ok, so how I can create this?

- You can use ready blank maps with borders of regions already on it, or draw borders by yourself, your choice.

- Countryballs (Regions) are supposed to be on the map, on right places

- You can also add some little dialogues or sentences on the map.

For example, you can check previous editions of Polandball Map Competition.

How can I join the Competition?

- You can join by sending your map to me on Discord, in my DM (My Discord ID is Luki1223#4924 )

- REMEMBER, your idea for the map MUST BE SECRET, so tell your idea for it ONLY ON DISCORD IN MY DM.

- You have to send this to me to December 21. December 22 and next days will be open for votes.

That's all, I hope you know what to do, competition started!

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