Siema to everyone!

It's time for the next edition of PB Map Competition. It became a nice little tradition to this Fandom by now, I would love to continue for as long as I can. So many good maps were created just for this event, I am proud! I hope we made PB maps a bit more popular among this community. Now the eighth edition begins!


Map of what?

- You CAN create a map of things listed nicely on this list:

  • Country
  • Unrecognised Country
  • Autonomous Region
  • Historical Country.
  • Historical Region.
  • Historical Map of Continent (Before the fall of the Soviet Union)
  • Historical Map of the World (Before the fall of the Soviet Union)
  • Organisation

- You CANNOT create a map of modern world, continent etc.

- You can do the same country as another user, you don't have to worry about it.

Ok, so how I can create this?

- You can use ready blank maps with borders of regions already on it, or draw borders by yourself, your choice.

- Countryballs (Regions) are supposed to be on the map, on right places

- You can also add some little dialogues or sentences on the map.

For example, you can check previous editions of Polandball Map Competition.

How can I join the Competition?

- You can join by joining PB Wiki Discord (by clicking "connect" button in black discord server box here on the site) and sending your map to me on Discord, in my DM (My Discord ID is Luki1223#4924 )

- REMEMBER, your idea for the map MUST BE SECRET, so tell your idea for it ONLY ON DISCORD IN MY DM.

- You have to send this to me to December 21. December 22 and next days will be open for votes.

That's all, I hope you know what to do, competition started!

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