Bordeauxball is a French city, in the south-west, and is the chief-town of Aquitaineball.


Bordeauxball was born as 2ball, adopted by SPQRball as "Burdigala".

Between the XIIth and the XVth century, the city was occupied by Kingdom of Englandball.

Since 1840, the cityball becomes a great colonial port that commerced with Africa.

The emblem of the big port fortress is in his blazon.

How to draw

Bordeauxball is a very hard to draw :

  1. Draw an upper-bar with this blue.
  2. Draw 3 yellow lilies in this bar.
  3. Fill the rest of the circle with this red.
  4. Paint blue waves in the below.
  5. Draw a white crescent moon in the waves.
  6. Draw a white castle/fortress on the waves.
  7. Paint a yellow lion above the castle/fortress.
  8. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


  • Bordeauxball has the best wines and vineyards who are renowned in the world, particularly for Chinaball.
  • Here, was born the French-Mexican influencer Josephinewitt.

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