The Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina-icon Bosnian War was one of Panslavic-icon Yugoslavias independence wars. It was a conflict that lasted from 1992 to 1995.


It was caused when SR Bosnia and Herzegovina-icon Bosnia and Herzegovinaball declared Independence from former Yugoslavia-icon Yugoslaviaball . It was also the most devastating and longest Yugoslav Wars. When Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina-icon Bosnia declared independence on March 1st 1992, Panslavic-icon Yugoslaviaball didn't want to lose more territory, so they declared war on Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina-icon Bosnia . When Srpska Republic-icon Serbian and Panslavic-icon Yugoslavian forces attacked, Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina-icon Bosnia wasn't ready. The lack of weapons was reason why the eastern part of Bosnia's capital, Sarajevo-icon Sarajevo ,was and still is under control of Srpska Republic-icon Republika Srpska

Meanwhile, In Herzeg-Bosnia-icon Herzeg-Bosnia Croatia, tensions and fighting occured between Croatia-icon (1990) Croatian forces and Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina-icon Bosniak forces. This eventually leaded to peace occuring between the two nations and they teamed up against Panslavic-icon Yugoslaviaball and Srpska Republic-icon Republika Srpska. They were helped by NATO-iconUSA-icon U.S forces who shot several Srpska Republic-icon Serbian planes down and gaining territory back. This eventually lead to Serbian forces retreating and was the major reason why the war ended.

Many horrible war crimes were commited by all sides and the Bosnian war is seen as one of the worst wars in european history. It claimed many lives and the deaths of many innocent people still haunt Bosnia-icon Bosniaball to this day. Atrocities like these specially the massacres in Srebrenica are to never happen again and justice has been served among the monsters who did such things.


Bosnian War
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