Ya' listenin'? OK. Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brotha'- I hurt people.
— The RED/BLU Scout (Team Fortress 2)

Bostonball is an USA-icon American cityball; the capital cityball of Massachusetts-icon Massachusettsball, to be specific. He is famous for his university, even though it is actually in Cambridge.


The clay which became Bostonball originally belonged to Massachusettball. This clay was later taken over by British Empire-icon British Empireball. Boston-icon (pilgrim) Bostonball was then founded in 1630 by British Empire-icon British Empireball and adopted by New England-icon New Englandball, ColAmerica-icon Thirteen Coloniesball and USA-icon USAball.

In April 15, 2013, two Chechnya-icon Chechens attacked his famous Boston Marathon, in which the city was on lockdown for the next five days. It ended with one of the kebab dead and the other one captured while hiding in a boat not in the water, but funnily in a place called Watertown.

"If you plan to escape, make sure it's in the water. Not in Watertown! Got you asshole!" - April 19, 2013 best day of my life! Boston Police Department Strong!

The Scout from Team Fortress 2 was born here in 2007.

He was USAball's pick to bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics, but he withdrew his bid due to financial concerns. Los Angelesball took over the bid.

He also has Theo Epstein to thank for helping to remove the "Curse of the Bambino" from his beloved Red Sox in 2004 (Theo also did wonders for Chicagoball in 2016).

His other sports teams include...

  • The Bruins of the NHL
  • The Celtics of the NBA
  • The Patriots of the NFL
  • The Revolution of MLS



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