Bougainvilleball is a autonomous region of Papua New Guineaball.


Bougainvilleball born as a 7ball.  He was first seen by Franceball in 1768.  He was adopted by German Empireball around 1899.  He was occupied by Australiaball during World War 1.  Adopted by UKball after the war, who subsequently gave him to Australiaball to raise.  He was attacked and imprisoned by Empire of Japanball in World War 2.  USAball later liberated him.  When Papua New Guineaball gained independence in 1975 Bougainvilleball went with him, though he wanted independence himself.  In 2001 Papau New Guineaball agreed to allow him an independence referendum sometime before 2020. He cannot into independence, although he can into referendum in November 23, 2019.


Papau New Guineaball - Adopted father who I doesn't want

Australiaball - Raised me when UKball couldn't

UKball - Why did you give me to Australiaball???

German Empireball - First adopted father, he was kind of weird.

Solomon Islandsball - Brother

Japanball - You invaded me! But you're changed now so I forgive you.

USAball - Liberated me that one time.

UNball - Recognize me as independent!

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