Brain4breakfast will leave behind a void that cannot be filled. His passion for his craft and his creative drive was second to none, but what I will remember him most for - is his kindness, his thoughtfulness, his desire to create and foster a global community, but among all else, his willingness to lift up those around him and help them reach their potential as artists and as people.

Brain4breakfast was a :/r/Polandball admin.

He also had a youtube channel where he used to upload educational content with the use of countryballs in an entertaining way.

Sadly, Brain4breakfast passed away in the middle of February 2019. The news of his sudden decease was disclosed by DickRhino-icon DickRhino in a YouTube video on his channel on the 27th of April, 2019.

Rest in peace: Brain4breakfast 1999-2019. 

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