Bratislavaball is the capital of Slovakiaball. It is not of relevance,and likely will never be of relevance. It used to be Pressburgball, with Germanyball and Austriaball being of inhabitance. He changed his name in 1919.


Twin Cities

  • Yerevanball-Armenian friend who is also not of relevance.
  • Viennaball-Will eventually get anschluss by him, good taste in the musics though.
  • Sofiaball-Bulgarian friend who will get anschluss by Russiaball with the me's.
  • Pragueball-Not worthy of descriptions.
  • Moscowball-Russian city...wait...RUSSIA???? RUNZ OF THE NOWS!!!! RUSSIA ATTACK!!!!!!!
  • Kievball- Will be anschluss
  • Russiaball-of screeds of youse.
  • Austriaball-No Nazi or black market dealings... NONE AT ALL!
  • Australiaball-Oops i meant to of writing Austria...OOPS.
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