Bremenball is a  Bacon stateball and cityball of Germany-icon.png Germanyball.


Bremen-icon.png Bremenball was born as a 2-icon.png 2ball, adopted by Germania-icon.png Germaniaball, HRE-icon.png HREball and Germany-icon.png Germanyball. Brothers are Hamburg-icon.png HamburgballLübeckball and Berlin-icon.png Berlinball. Close friend group are mainly the participants of the Hanseatic league Hansaball with Rotterdam-icon.png RotterdamballHamburg-icon.png Hamburgball and many other merchant states.

During ReichRawr-icon.png ReichRawr time, he was part of USA-icon.png USAball.


Bremen-icon.png Bremenball is its own Bundesland in Germany-icon.png Germanyball. Bremenball has a small exclave in Lower Saxony-icon.png Lower Saxonyball: Bremerhaven-icon.png Bremerhavenball.


Bremen-icon.png Bremenball is located in northern Germany, most of the land is flat. He even has his brother up north, his name is  Bremerhaven-icon.png Bremerhavenball.



Bremerhaven-icon.png Sohnemann - Du bringst die besten Ressourcen aus allen Ländern besser als Hamburg-icon.png Hamburgball.

Lower Saxony-icon.png Papa - Wir haben die beste zusammenarbeit, ich lasse sogar seine Linienbusse aus dem VBN.


Norderney-icon.png Norderneyball - Du bist a Good Business Freund seit the 19th Jahrhundert.

San Francisco-icon.png San Franciscoball - My California version.

How to draw

Draw Bremenball is almost simple:

  1. Draw a simple circle shape.
  2. Divide said simple circle shape into eight horizontal stripes, red and white.
  3. On the left, draw a chess pattern from the stripes and leave the right side alone.
  4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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