Bremerhavenball is a cityball part of Germany-icon Germanyball. He's part of Bremen-icon Bremenball. He is always out of money. He celebrates the Sail every 5 years with many guests. He likes to play ice hockey.


Bremerhaven-icon Bremerhavenball was born as a 2-icon 2ball, adopted by Germania-icon GermaniaballHRE-icon HREball and Germany-icon Germanyball.

During ReichRawr-icon ReichRawr time, he was under control by USA-icon USAball.

How to draw

Bremerhavenball hasn't a flag, so we use his coat of arms:

  1. Draw a wavy blue stripe on the bottom with a fish in it.
  2. Draw the ship as in the coat of arms of Bremerhaven.
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.

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