Bresciaball is a city of Lombardy-icon Lombardyball, in Italy-icon Italyball, who is like a crooked San Marinoball and it's in order of importance the second son of Lombardyball.


Bresciaball is an ancient city of Lombardyball, founded in 1200BC by Gaulball and conquered by SPQRball. During the barbarian invasions Bresciaball was attacked by a lot of 2balls, but the city was saved by Ostrogothic Kingdomball who took care of him when SPQR-icon SPQRball died. When in 568AD Ostrogothic Kingdomball died, Longobardsball became the new adoptive father of Bresciaball. During the twelfth century Bresciaball decides to be independent like other italian states. But after some years, Milanball invaded Bresciaball's clay. In 1426 Veniceball come to help and be the new protector of Bresciaball. In 1860, Bresciaball was annexed by Lombardy-Venetoball. Bresciaball tried to be free during the "ten days of Bresciaball" during which resisted to Lombardy-Venetiaball and Austriaball when other italian balls reisted only five days. For this, Bresciaball called "the lioness of Italy". Bresciaball entered the Kingdom of Italyball and Lombardyball in 1860.


Bresciaball is a catholic city who often don't talk Italian, but Brescian dialect. Bresciaball is bold and is proud of its history and dialect, and he's usually friendly, but when his soccer squad loses game he became aggressive with other countryballs. Bresciaball's favourite foods are "pane e salamina" (a sandwich with a sort of salami) and "polenta" (its favourite food, its a food based on corn flour), "casoncelli" (stuffed pasta, but he doesn't put bacon bits on top of it unlike Bergamoball) and a variant of polenta, "polenta e osei" (some polenta with birds). When he talk his dialect, he often use the word "pota".

How to draw

Draw Bresciaball is simple:

  1. Draw the basic circle shap and divide it into two vertical stripes.
  2. Colour them respectively of white and blue.
  3. Add eyes and (eventually) some polenta.


  • Italyball  - great grandpa
  • Lombardyball - grandpa
  • SPQRball and Gaulball - ancestors
  • other Lombardyball's provinces - uncles
  • other Italian regions  - second grade uncles
  • other Italian provinces  - second grade cousins
  • other Italian cities - cousins

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