British Columbiaball is a provinceball of Canada-icon.png Canadaball. Respectful Chinese/Germans are evident in his clay, particularly in Vancouver-icon.png Vancouverball,

BCball also loves to eat Chinese food.

Recently, British Columbiaball has the odd attribute of lighting itself on fire without noticing. In fact, every summer about 500 active fires happening in his clay, much more than California-icon.pngCaliforniaball. Smog is particularly common.


British Columbiaball was born as a 3-icon.png 3ball and was later adopted by UK-icon.png UKball and then Canada-icon.png Canadaball.

Currently under a Coronavirus outbreak as 4 deaths were reported in Lynn Valley North Vancouver

How to draw

Draw British Columbiaball is quite hard:

  1. Draw the basic circle shape
  2. Draw the Union Jack in the upper half
  3. Draw a yellow crown on it
  4. Color the lower half of the ball with some blue and white wavy lines
  5. Draw a yellow rising sun on the bottom
  6. Draw the eyes and you've finished.



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