British Palestinecube was a colony of UK-icon UKball born after World War I when UKball and Franceball conquered Ottomanball. He had much civil war between Judaismcube and Islamball, and in 1937 UKball tried to divide the land for both, but this failed.

In 1948, UKball, with the help of UNball, tried to divide the clay again, but the Arab states, Jordanball, Egyptball, Syriaball, and Iraqball denied this offer and attacked. British Palestinecube died as Israelcube was born. A few months later, All-Palestine Governmentball was also born. After the war was done, British Palestinecube's clay was controlled mostly by Israelcube, Jordanball, and a little strip controlled by All-Palestine Governmentball



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