British Palestinecube was a colony of UK-icon UKball born after World War I when UKball and France-icon Franceball conquered Ottoman-icon Ottomanball. He had much civil war between Jew-icon Judaism and Islam-icon Islamball, and in 1937 UK-icon UKball tried to divide the land for both, but this failed.

In 1948, UK-icon UKball, with the help of UN-icon UNball, tried to divide the clay again, but the Arab states, Jordan-icon Jordanball, Egypt-icon Egyptball, Syria-icon Syriaball, and Iraq-icon Iraqball denied this offer and attacked. British Palestinecube died as Israel-icon Israelcube was born. A few months later, All-Palestine Governmentball was also born. After the war was done, British Palestinecube's clay was controlled mostly by Israel-icon Israelcube, Jordan-icon Jordanball, and a Palestine-icon little strip controlled by All-Palestine Governmentball



Israelcube Israelcube Israelcube

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