British Tringapore was the only positive triangle shaped countryball fathered by UKball.


It represents the Crown Colony of Singapore. He is of triangular shape to defend himself after the Japanese invasion and occupation of Singapore. In 1959, UKball gave British Tringapore autonomy and he bought new clothes for himself and in 1963, he started living with his brother Malaysiaball but in 1965, he declared independence and bought himself a new home.


British Tringapore was a brother to Malaysiaball and formerly a member of British Straits Settlementsballs (along with Penangball and Malaccaball) and the son of UKball, British Tring and Malay used to have quite a good relationship with each others until 1965 when Malay and Tring have ethnic and religious tensions. Malay was like: "Pergilah! Tak sayang kau pun! (Go away! Me no love you anyway!)" and Tring was like : "Takpe! Aku akan merdekalah nanti! (Me no need you, me is into independence lah!)"


British Tringapore's personality is a patriotic imperialist tea loving Crown Colony. It is often spotted with a cup of tea, with a top hat and monocle when UKball visits, has the ability to poke other countryballs with it's sharp tip and can sometimes even fly.


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