Buffaloball is a cityball located in western New York-iconNew Yorkball and is the seat of Erie County. It has a close relationship with Canada-iconCanadaball due to the close proximity of its border.


Once home to 3-icon3balls, it was first settled in 1789 and was incorporated as a cityball in 1832. Modern-day Buffalo-iconBuffaloball has become a very industrious but friendly cityball with a large shopping mall, a beautiful waterfront and two major sports teams.

It's had its rough periods as well. Buffaloball's pro football team made it to 4 consecutive Super Bowls, but lost all 4 times. In 1977 they had a blizzard in which it snowed hard and the wind blew all the snow that was resting on the frozen lake into the city. In 2014, it got hit by a massive snowstorm that dumped over 6 feet of snow on its clay. He has a NHL team, the Buffalo Sabres, which only got to play in two Stanley Cup finals, losing both the 1975 and the 1999 "No Goal Game"

The phrase "No Goal" is associated with the controversial goal scored by Dallas-icon Dallas player Brett Hull, to clinch the series in triple overtime of game six, as his foot was in the crease but the puck was not. Subsequent to the series-ending goal, the NHL claimed to have sent out a memo clarifying the "skate in the crease" rule allowed goals in instances where the goalscorer maintained control (not possession) of the puck prior to entering the crease. On this play, Hull kicked the puck with his left skate (while still outside of the crease) into a shooting position. Others have pointed out that similar plays were called differently during the regular season. Many Buffalo fans felt that this call was incorrectly made and the term "No Goal!" became their rallying cry. Shortly after, the rule that led to this controversy was removed from the NHL rule book.

Hull's goal ended the series and the Stars were awarded the Stanley Cup

Hosted the 2018 World Junior Hockey Championships, including the first-ever outdoor game.


  • New York-icon New Yorkball: Dad
  • Toronto-icon Torontoball: Very close friend, people from his area visit me quite frequently. Also a friendly hockey rival, we call our meetings the "QEW Rivalry".  Looking after his Blue Jays as they play their home games here during the shortened MLB season.
  • Niagara Fallsball: Another one of my Canadian friends. His twin brother across the river doesn't have many of the cool tourist areas though.
  • Hamilton-icon Hamiltonball: Good friend, very hard-working like me.

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