Burkina Fasoball is a landlocked countryball in West Africa.

He is member of the West Africans family, he borders Maliball to the north,Ivory Coastball,Ghanaball,Togoball, Beninball and to the south and Nigerball  to the east.


Burkina Faso-icon Burkina Fasoball was an 8-icon 8ball till France-icon Franceball adopted him in 1896. He becomed French Upper Voltaball.

Nowadays, Burkina Fasoball is an independent African countryball since 1960. He is very poor and has AIDS. He with other countries of Africa are having hunger issues.

Despite this he is of one of least corrupt country in Africa, Stronk.

He now decided to withdrew recognition of Taiwanball.

How to draw

Draw Burkina Fasoball is simple:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into two horizontal stripes.
  2. Color the upper one of this red
  3. Color the other one of this green
  4. Draw between the stripes a yellow star
  5. Draw the eyes and you've finished


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