Burundiball, officially the Republic of Burundiball (Kirundi: Republika y'Uburundi; French: République du Burundiballe), is a landlocked countryball in the African Great Lakes region of East Africa (and sometimes Central Africa), neighbored by Rwanda-icon Rwandaball to the north, Tanzania-icon Tanzaniaball to the east and south, and the DR Congo-icon Democratic Republic of Congoball to the west. He is a descendant of the Bantu-icon Bantuball.


Just like his brother Rwanda-icon Rwandaball, Burundi was an independent kingdom until the beginning of the twentieth century, when German Empire-icon Germanyball German East Africa-icon colonized the region. After the First World War and Germany's defeat, it ceded both territory to Belgium-icon Belgiumball. Both Germans and Belgians ruled Burundi and Rwanda as a European colony known as Ruanda-Urundi-icon Ruanda-Urundiball. He was first colonized by German Empire-icon German Empireball and then by Belgium-icon Belgiumball.

After rebirth from Belgium in 1962, he initially had a monarchy, but a series of assassinations, coups, and a general climate of regional instability culminated in the establishment of a republic and one-party state in 1966. Bouts of ethnic cleansing and ultimately two civil wars and genocides during the 1970s and again in the 1990s left the country undeveloped and its population as one of the world's poorest. Additionally, he underwent another coup in 2015. Most of his conflicts largely revolved between the rivaling Hutu and Tutsi populations.

Since 2015, however, his relations with Rwandaball have been going wrong, as well severely sore relations with the west, which has caused his foreign policy to change drastically.



  • Syria-icon Syriaball - Assad Stronk, I support Him and Russiaball.
  • Iran-icon Iranball - Burger wants to destabilize both of us. DEATH TO AMERICA!
  • North Korea-icon North Koreaball - Kim Jong-un says his nukes can destroy America, whoever their president may be.


  • USA-icon USAball - We were friends and then he slapped sanctions on me so now I side with Russiaball and Chinaball, you are also the reason I am the Unhappiest Country, and why I'm always sad! IT WAS ALL YOUR FAULT! Remove Burger! LYNCH OBAMA! ASSASSINATE TRUMP!
  • France-icon Franceball - You are also bad as you support my opposition.

Countries voting against condemning Burundi


  • "Not again"
  • Qu'est que-ce?


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