Buryatiaball is a federal subject (a republic) of Southern Russia-icon.png Russiaball. Buryatiaball is of Mongolia-icon.png Mongol because the Buryats (his sponsored ethnic group) are basically a division of the Mongols. Buryatiaball is the main Russian center of Buddhism.

Despite his name, Buryatiaball currently has as the largest ethnic group the Russians who are 52% of the population, thus the Russian language and Orthodox Christianity as majority, the original Buryat population that speaks their own language and practices buddhism are 43%, but still they have considerable relevance there.

Buryatia-icon.png Buryatiaball shares the Baikal Lake with Irkutsk Oblast-icon.png Irkutskball.



  • Mongolia-icon.png Mongoliaball - The best friend of mine.
  • Tuva-icon.png Tuvaball - Close friend and another Buddhist, even though not Mongol. He also has a good song!!
  • Kalmykia-icon.png Kalmykiaball - A very close friend of mine we are both Buddhist and Mongol and we were neighbours when our culture started


  • Irkutsk Oblast-icon.png Irkutskball - He wants to unite with me, but I need some time to think about it.


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