Byzantineball, also known as the Byzantiumball, Eastern Roman Empireball or Byzantine Empireball, continues to refer to itself as the Eastern Roman Empire, is a Medieval countryball from south-east Europe with the glory of Rome.


Byzantineball was the first kebab remover son of SPQR-icon SPQRball ,the grandson of Ancient Greece-icon Ancient Greeceball and the father of Greece-icon Greeceball. He was the true successor of SPQR-icon SPQRball (HRE-iconunlike that imposter!).

For some time SPQR-icon SPQRball was declining and decrepit, with constant war, be it civil or otherwise. Because they were always traveling to the beaches of East Mediterranean everywhere to protect the imperial borders, and also due to the fact that Rome-icon Romeball was just plain bad, the Emperor Constantine decided to shift the capital city to the old Greek colony of Byzantium, and renamed it in his honor, but on his death SPQR-icon SPQRball split into Western Roman Empire-icon Western Roman Empireball and, of course, Byzantine-icon Byzantineball

Soon after, a bunch of Germania-icon Barbarians invaded, tried to siege Byzantine Constantinople-icon Constantinopleball (EAST ROME STRONK), but found the walls too impenetrable, and left.

Meanwhile, Western Roman Empire-icon The West Wasn't doing as well, and struggled with Germanic invasions and in general the problems of the later Roman Empire. It slowly lost territory until An aspiring general finally put the ailing empire out of its misery, to the horror of Byzantine-icon Byzantineball, in 476 CE.

Rome continued on in the East. After some 60-odd years of dithering, Byzantine-icon Byzantineball looked to the West, and tried to revive the Roman dream where the barbarian fiefdoms now stood. He conquered the Vandal Kingdom-icon Vandal Kingdomball, retaking North Africa and the great port of Carthago, former capital of Carthage-icon Rome's Ancient Arch-Nemesis.

Soon after, Byzantine-icon Byzantineball hungrily eyed Ostrogothic Kingdom-icon Ostrogothic Kingdomball, whom had usurped Odoacer some time before.

Byzantine-icon Byzantineball started his rape by grasping Sicily-icon Sicilyball and much of Southern Italy whilst slowly reaching into her Illyria. After a long, tiring struggle that drained Byzantine-icon Byzantineball's life savings, All of Ostrogothic Kingdom-icon Ostrogothic Kingdomball's territory, save Pannonia, were captured, with only symbolic, devastating recapture of Roman cities and territory. These conquests were further galvanized by the capture of territory in Southern Spain-icon Spainball whilst the local Visigothic Kingdom-icon Visigoth Rulers were embroiled in a civil war.

Then everything became bad again for the successors of SPQR-icon Rome, and a destructive war between them and their old enemies, Sassanid-icon Sassanidball, had drained the both of them and were taken advantage of by Islam-icon The Worst Cancer To Ever Besmirch this Earth Some Crafty Desert People. He in time lost all his clay south of Tarsus while the Sassanid-icon Sassanids were completely devoured.

At this point Byzantine-icon Byzantineball lost almost all his strength and could barely fend off attacks into somewhat more defensible Asia Minor. He was now poor, weak, and barely Roman. His grip on Italy-icon Italyball was weakening ever faster, and all at this point seemed lost. Islam-icon Islamic pirates had snapped off many islands throughout the Mediterranean, and his once formidable navy was now in shambles.

By this time, SPQR-icon Latin was dying, and was being replaced by Ancient Greece-icon Greek as the lingua franca, but still called themselves Romans. The Filthy barbarians West, which had somewhat stabilized at this point, started looking down upon him, despite them being in a worse state.

The coronation of Francia-icon Franciaball as "Roman" emperor (HRE-iconHREball) by Papal States-icon Papal Statesball in the year 800 was a depraved act: and solidified Byzantine-icon Byzantineball's dislike of the Latins, which is why Byzantine-icon Byzantineball was always suspicious of them. The emperors of the HRE-icon HREball sought in many ways to make themselves accepted by the Byzantines as their peers: with diplomatic relations, political marriages or threats. Sometimes, however, they did not obtain the expected results, because to Byzantine-icon Constantinople they were always the "King of the Unlawful Usurpers Germans", never "Emperor".

Eventually, piece by piece, Byzantine-icon Byzantineball picked himself up, and got to work reconquering territories. It was finally under a dynasty of Armenia-icon "Macedonians", things started to look up, and now at its height since the beginning of the Islam-icon Islamic conquests, the empire spanned from Neapolis to Lecca, Zagreb to Antioch to Ani.

And then everything collapsed. Seljuk-icon Again. Thanks to filthy kebab. Byzantine-icon Byzantineball, having lost almost all of Anatolia and in a panic, called Papal States-icon Papal Statesball and asked for help. What he got would set events into motion that changed the Western world.

The last 250-ish years of Byzantine-icon Byzantineball's existence was a whirlwind of reconquest, crusades, getting conquested, assassination by Venice-icon Veniceball, creation of Latin Empire-icon Frankokratia reconquest, resurrection, and slow loss of territory until he was finally put to eternal rest by Ottoman-icon Ottoman Empireball. With that, the final light of SPQR-icon SPQRball was extinguished, but its legacy left a mark. A mark on those barbarians to the west...




  • Serbia-icon Serbiaball - My adoptive son and vow enforcer to remove all kebab (he also has my flag on his coat of arms).
  • Russia-icon Russiaball - Heir to the legacy of kebab removing Eastern Orthodoxyball, and he considered himself as the next Rome.
  • Western Roman Empire-icon Western Roman Empireball - He was my brother/ally before getting killed by Germaniaball
  • Empire of Nicaea-icon Empire of Nicaeaball - Hero who helped me kill Latin Empireball and resurrected me.
  • Republic of Genoaball - He helped me in my final battle against kebab! I thank him for that.
  • Turkic Khaganateball - hates Persia too.
  • Ayyubid-icon Ayyubidball - I'm sorry for battling yuo. Cause Salahuddin was a wise leader. Yuo are one of good kebabs. When the crusader failed to conquer Jerusalem, yuo still allow them to pray there. May God bless yuo and thanks for returning St Sepulchre key to me.
  • Islam-icon Islamball (Sometimes) - Thanks for supporting us in the war with that !@#$%^&* MANDBIRD Sassanid-icon Sassanid. BUT TELL YOUR MEMBER OTTOMAN and RASHIDUN TO STOP TAKING ALL MOU CLAY!!! AYYUBID IS BETTER KEBAB EMPIRE THAN OTHERS! 


  • Ottoman-icon Kebab - BLOOD-THIRSTY SHAME OF EARTH HERETIC! Arch-enemy! He stole Constantinople! At least my people he did not being removed and GO AGAINST CRUSADER STATE THAT WOUNDED MY CONSTANTINOPLE!!! AND I STILL HATE YOU DESPITE BEING THAT!
  • Sassanid-icon Sassanidball- This MANBIRD !@#$%^&* ruined the 7th century. And he was my main enemy in middle east. At the start of the war, i lost heavy to him, even Jerusalem almost fell to him. But luckily, Islam-icon Islamball's Holy Quran predicted that someday, he will defeated by me. And it was true but I still want to keep muh clay. I respect kebabs(NOT OTTOMAN).
  • Hun-icon Hunball - He came here and took clay from Germaniaball and me. This forced Germaniaball to take clay from SPQRball.
  • Germania-icon Germaniaball - He killed my father and my brother then he became an imposter of SPQRball.
  • Venice-icon Veniceball - Ruined me for good! He also raped my peoples!
  • Latin Empire-icon Latin Empireball - Evil Catholics that stole my glorious city of Constantinople. He is another imposter!!!
  • HRE-icon Holy Roman Empireball - IMPOSTER! He is son of Germaniaball and to me he is just another version of Germaniaball!!!!! You will be never the true Roman Empire, IMPOSTER!!! I´M COMING FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kievan Rus-icon Kievan Rusball - I won't forgive you for raiding and laying a siege on Constantinople! You're just like those vikings! Speaking of which, didn't you had your first king as a Viking prince? I guess that runs through the bloodline, huh.
  • Second Bulgarian Empire-icon Second Bulgarian Empireball - Stop revolting and stealing my clay! You are of Byzantineball! Why can't you be nice like Serbiaball?
  • First Bulgarian Empire-icon First Bulgarian Empireball - He was even worse than his son! Took a lot of my European clay and nearly took Constantinople...922 NEVER FORGET! YUO WERE VERY HARD TO REMOVE UNTIL 1018!
  • Umayyad-icon Umayyadball - This kebab has tried to besiege Constantinople but failed. Hahahaha...!!! But his revenge was avenged by Ottoman-icon !@#$%^&* kebab! !@#$%^&*!!!
  • Seljuk-icon Seljukball - STOP ATTACKING ME YUO KEBAB!!! IF YUO WANT INTO CONQUER JERUSALEM, STOP DRIVING OUT THE NON MUSLIM!!! Of course I know crusaders took Jerusalem and killed your people and I HATE CRUSADER MORE THAN KEBAB!
  • Bagratid Armenia-icon Bagratid Armeniaball - Stole all his clay and didn't leave enough soldiers to defend it afterwards, leaving it open for kebab invasion. Oops!
  • Abbasid-icon Rashidunball- Pls of stop taking muh clay! And i hate kebabs! This kebab also ruined muh 7th century! BTW, Thanks for removing this so called Sassanidball AKA MANBIRD WORSHIPPER. But you are even worser then them! 

How to Draw

Drawing Byzantiumball is rather confusing considering the amount of possible designs you can chose from, but the most common is:

  1. Draw a circle coloured red
  2. Draw a cross coloured gold
  3. Since you drew a gold cross, the red circle is separated into quadrants, in those quadrants, draw the Greek letter "B" in gold. On the left quadrants, make them face the opposite direction
  4. Draw two eyes and you're done!




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