Córdobaball is an Argentinian province. It has a lot of sierras, forests and other natural beauties. Its most known people are La Mona Gimenez and Damian Cordoba. He is the birthplace of former president Fernando de la Rúa.

Dislikes CABA-icon CABAball and other Porteños.



It's very friendly with the other provinces, except with CABA-icon Buenos Airesball. It makes a lot of jokes about CABA-icon CABAball and the porteños.


It likes to drink a lot of fernet, say constantly "Che culiao", "amario patito", "verde moco", and other words like these.


  • It's usually drunk because is drinking fernet every day.
  • It hates the porteños because they are very conceited.
  • It's best friend with Santa Feball
  • It has its own accent.


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