Tu should of relaxings e listen at some jazz, tu know?
— Cajunball

Cajunball is an ethnicityball located in North America, also known as Acadiniaball.

Unique to his brother, he does not desire independence from his clay owner. This makes Cajunball special when in comparison to other ethnicityballs, namely Kurdistanball, Quebecball, and Brittannyball for examples. He lives primarily in the US stateball of Louisianaball in a region nicknamed "Cajun Country". He is well known for his culture, music, and some of his cityballs, such as New Orleansball, Baton Rougeball, and Lafeyetteball. He was not recognized as an ethnicityball until 1970 by USAball, despite the historic presence of him in USAball's clay. He is not part of La Francophonieball, but he is a proud Francophonieball.

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