Calabarzonball is a region of Philippines-icon Philippinesball.

Calabarzon (/ká-lɑ-bɑr-zon/ for YOU BISAYA), formally known as Southern Tagalog Mainland and designated as Region IV-A, is an administrative region in the Philippines. The region comprises of Caviteball, Lagunaball, Batangasball, Rizalball, and Quezonball, and one highly urbanized city, Lucenaball. The name of the region is an acronym of its five component provinces. Its regional center is Calamba Cityball in Lagunaball. Calabarzonball is the most populous region in the Philippines, having 14,414,774 inhabitants in 2015, and is also the country's second most densely populated after Manilaball. He is the richest regionball of the Philippinesball.

How to draw

Draw Calabarzonball is simple:

  1. Draw the basic circle shape with the seal of Calabarzon in the center
  2. Draw the slant-eyes and you've finished.


On June 5, 1901, a convention was called on whether or not the province of Manilaball should annex the province of Morongball, which was found to be unable to be self-sufficient as a province. Eventually, on June 11, Act No. 137 of the First Philippine Commission abolished Morongball and created a new province, named after the Philippinesball's national hero, Jose Rizal, who, coincidentally, was a native of Lagunaball. The new province comprised 29 municipalities, 17 from Manilaball and 12 from Morongball. In 1902, Macario Sakay, a veteran Katipunan member, established the Tagalog Republicball in the mountains of Rizaballl. Ultimately, Tagalog Republicball ended in 1906 when he and his men were betrayed under the guise of holding a national assembly aimed at the self-determination of the Filipino people.[8]

  1. On September 7, 1946, the Third Philippine Republicball enacted Republic Act No. 14, which renamed the province of Tayabasball to Qezonball, in honor of Manuel Quezon. Quezon was the second President of the Philippinesball and a native of Balerball (now part of Auroraball). In 1951, the northern part of Quezonball became the sub-province Auroraball, named after Quezon's wife.[10]

On September 24, 1972, President Ferdinand Marcos enacted Presidential Decree No. 1, which organized the provinces into 11 regions as part of Marcos' Integrated Reorganization Plan. The IRP created Region IV, known as the Southern Tagalogball, and was the largest region in the Philippinesball. At this time, Region IV consisted of Batangasball, Caviteball, Lagunaball, Marinduqueball, Oriental Mindoroball, Occidental Mindoroball, Quezonball, Rizalball, Romblonball, and Palawanball. In 1979, Auroraball formally became a province independent of Quezonball and was also included in Region IV.

On May 17, 2002, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo signed Executive Order No. 103, which made reorganized to the Southern Tagalogball. Due to its size, Region IV was split into two separate regions, Region IV-A (Calabarzonball) and Region IV-B (Mimaropaball). Auroraball was transferred to Region III, Central Luzonball. The next year, Arroyo signed Executive Order No. 246, which declared Calambaball as the regional center of the region.

Republic Act No. 10879, renamed "Region IV-B" into "Mimaropaball".

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