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Calgaryball is the largest cityball of Alberta-icon.png Albertaball and the third most populous cityball of Canada-icon.png Canadaball. Often reffered to as the "Conservative Capital of Canada", he is probably the most right wing major cityball in the countryball; he is very hipster in spite of what he calls himself. Most people who live here consider him to be the capital of Alberta-icon.png Albertaball, not Edmonton-icon.png Edmontonball. In 1991, he had a large hailstorm; and in 2005 and 2013, he had large floods that in total killed around 19 people, and displaced even more. The person who designed Canada-icon.png Canadaball's flag was from Calgary-icon.png Calgaryball.

Calgary-icon.png Calgaryball has about 1,300,000 people, making him the most populous cityball in Alberta-icon.png Albertaball. He loves anything that has to do with the Stampede. It has also hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics, which created a lasting legacy for the city as many Canadian athletes use the Olympic Park facilities as a training base. He is also very proud of his hockey and football teams, the Flames and the Stampeders. He is named after Calgaryball (Scotland) when Scotland-icon.png Scotlandball came over, he decided to name it after him. He started as an RCMP fort called Fort Calgary where he gained the trust of native 3-icon.png 3balls.

Calgaryball is also one of the cleanest & livable cityballs in the world... Well... kind of. The lay-offs are getting really bad, so he's been living in a trashcan lately. He is also sometimes a very talented dainty dancer at the Albertaball school of ballet. His roads are plagued with unending road construction, as a result, he has C-Trains for public transit. He does have a bit of crime. 8 users on the Poland-icon.png Polandball Wiki are from Calgary.



  • Houston-icon.png Houstonball - Friend down in the south, we share a lot in common DONT YOU FUCKING STEAL THE FLAMES
  • Denver-icon.png Denverball - We are alike! Just like me and Houston, eh?
  • Alberta-icon.png Albertaball - My dad, we both love Cowboys! YEEHAW! He loves oil a bit too much though. Also, damn you, Rachel Notley!
  • Canada-icon.png Canadaball - My good grandfather, except he tends to care more about his cities in the east. Damn you Liberal party!
  • Regina-icon.png Reginaball (Saskatchewan) - Cousin
  • Texas-icon.png Texasball - We both can into cowboys!
  • Fort McMurrayball - Brother up north who was almost killed by a fire.
  • Priddisball- My little bro!
  • Humboldtball- one of my trucks crashed into his hockey teams bus and kill 17. So sad and so sorry. My hospital waves its flags at half mast for them.
  • USAball- Great uncle, but wants my oil monies.

Sister City Friends


  • Seattle-icon.png Seattleball - DO NOT STEAL OUR FLAMES AS WELL!!! Other than that we are fine. Lot's of Calgarians cheer for the Seahawks. He makes planes for WestJet.
  • Montreal-icon.png Montrealball - Hahaha 1989 BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE! He makes more planes for WestJet. He also won the 2009 Grey Cup here against Saskatchewan-icon.png Saskatchewanball.


  • Toronto-icon.png Torontoball - Capital of Ontarioball. Dammit Liberuls! Other than that, we are fine. Also, you suck at hockey!
  • Edmonton-icon.png Edmontonball - Brother. We don't like each other when it comes to sports. Especially hockey.
  • Tampa-icon.png TampaRawr - 2004 NEVER FORGET!!!
  • Medicine Hatball - TIGERS SUCK!!!!!!!
  • Red Deerball - REBELS SUCK!!!!!!!
  • Reddit - He says that I have a bad flag... WELL YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE A FLAG! GUESS WHO'S LAUGHING NOW!?



[1] calgary by bon iver

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