For having a pretty massive population and a ton resources, California isn't doing much here. We're kind of an embarrassment to the US. Oh, but thats our speciality.
— Drew Durnil

Californiaball is a stateball located on the west coast of USA-icon USAball. Californiaball can create some of the best movies in the world. Is finding himself "a tiny bit" flooded. After "Drumpf's" (California's way of calling Trump) surprising win, despite California picking Hillary (or in some cases, Bernie) to win, a small radical part of California wants independence, and so does Cascadia-icon Cascadiaball and New England-icon New Englandball, because he doesn't want a conservative right-wing president, like "Drumpf". But if he were an independent nation, he would be among the G20, and have economies only smaller than USA-icon his father, China-icon Chinaball, Japan-icon Japanball, and Germany-icon Germanyball. He passed UK-icon UKball in May 2018, and he'd be just ahead of France-icon Franceball (hon hon hon), India-icon Indiaball, Italy-icon Italyball, and Brazil-icon Brazilball (hue hue hue!). He is still trying to obtain independence. 


The clay of Californiaball was once populated, and born by 3-icon 3balls (Native Americans), but then Spain-icon Spainball had un hijo, Californiaball. Californiaball was then kidnapped by Mexico-icon Mexicoball, but one day he broke off in a fight with Mexicoball and got his own independencia with the help of USAball. Then it joined USA-icon USAball, but it took a long war with Mexicoball before he agreed. He thought his brother Texasball's star flag was pretty cool, so Californiaball put a star on his flag to reference it. In 1849, gold was discovered on his clay, and other stateballs have been jealous of him ever since. 3-icon 3balls were quickly driven away as other balls from all around scrambled for pretty yellow rocks.  Throughout his history has been plagued with earthquakes, his clay is divided by San Andreas fault and smaller faults. This has been into destroying his San Francisco-icon cityballs all throughout history. He is home to many different races, mostly Mexico-icon Mexicoballs and any China-icon Chinaballs, and likes to boast that practically every countryball has immigrants here. Used to pretty much just be full of cowboys and missionaries for a long time, until immigrants from Germany-icon Germanyball infected him with the hippies. Ever since then, he has been into a quiet civil war between old cowboys and new hippies for control of state. For reasons mentioned above, he has a bit of a split-personality. As well, his northern and southern halves are basically hatings of each other, and his central valley area (that is still full of cowboys) is about as conservative and independence-wanting as Texas-icon Texasball. He may one day split into as many as six smaller stateballs, just like Texasball can into being five stateballs (Maybe when I into independence). Making matters worse is the fact that his habit of making golf courses and growing crops in the desert finally caught up with him, causing a severe water-shortage during an ongoing drought. Yet he is too stubborn to change his ways. ("Hey man, it's either that or avocadoes can't be grown here.") In 2016, with Massachusetts-icon Massachusettsball and Nevada-icon Nevadaball, he finally can into weed. California has really high taxes, for income over $1,000,000 it's 13.3%, and the state sales tax of 7.25% is the nation's highest. And in 2016, in addition to voting for Hillary by 62%, California also voted to raise the income tax to the level by the same percentage. California-icon Californiaball can into very Democratic, and he is very proud of that.




USA's family tree. The black lines represent biological relationships and the red adoptive relationships.

Mexican family tree

Mexico's family tree. The black lines represent biological relationships and the red adoptive relationships.

USA-icon USAball - Mi nuevo padre. He is making so many stupid decisions while I do my best to shield my people from them. Not sure if I should declare independence or help him get over his problem. I guess I'll stay with him for another year *quietly sobs*
  • Mexico-icon Mexicoball - My biological father and former independence war enemy. I quite feel bad for you since an Donald Trump-icon Idiot is trying to keep you away. He dosen´t know the damage he have done. Also I want baja and me to be independent. *sighs*
  • Nevada-icon Nevadaball - Mi hermano favorito. I'm keeping gambling illegal on myself, so that people have a reason to visit him.
  • Oregon-icon Oregonball - Foster brother. He has lots of rain. Share with me pls!! I'm hella thirsty. Oh wait, never mind. I'm getting more rain now.
  • Washington-icon Washingtonball - Friendly tech rivals. Has lots of rain too. Fellow Liberal just like me. 
  • Arizona-icon Arizonaball - Younger Brother. My very hot and dry desert. Come if you want the sea. Pretty conservative hombre.
  • Texas-icon Texasball - Other brother (always in fight). Mucho conservative redneck. He bullies me for being so liberal. Can go into many arguments, and at end of day we are frienemies. We will fight together against USA-icon USAball for opposite reasons. I love you even though we fight. I can into Christian networks because of TBN.
  • Colorado-icon Coloradoball - He has mountains (my Mount Whitney is still 65 feet higher than his Mount Elbert hehehe), is a moderate between me and Texas. He constantly complains when I come to his place, bring my ultra-liberal politics there and drive up his house prices. However, we both can into stoned though.
  • Florida-icon Floridaball - Jealous older sibling that wants to have better theme parks and beaches than me. My Disney park is still better. Unlike me, always experiencing droughts, he is experiencing the opposite instead.
  • Vermont-icon Vermontball - YOU ARE SO GOOD, BERNIE SANDERS SHOULD BE PRESIDENT!!!! (sorry Drumpf and Hillary)
  • Ohio-icon OhioRawr - WARRIORS ARE THE BEST!! REMOVE CAVS!! 
  • Baja California-icon Baja Californiaball and Baja California Sur-icon Baja California Surball - My other brothers, stayed with Mexico when I left. (One day, mis hermanos, one day....)
  • Canada-icon "Canadaball" - Some uncle who supposedly "exists" or something (as if "Canada" is a real country, I mean, please). And I have bigger population.
  • UK-icon UKball - New Grandfather plox tell Texas to shut up at Christmas was pardre like this? outdated monarchy.
  • Hawaii-icon Hawaiiball - Pacific brother surround by water. Dammit, I'm so jealous of you!! Everyone goes to my cities and then go straight to you!  Are you asking me to anschluss you?!? but I can't because you're too adorable and kind!! GAAAHHH!!!
  • Philippines-icon Philippinesball - Technically, we are brothers because USA-icon USAball is our father. He is good friends with Hawaii-icon Hawaiiball so we are good friends too! Many Filipinos visit my clay (in fact, more than 1 million!)
  • Australia-icon Australiaball - Uncle that has a lot in common with Texasball. They wear silly hats, have funny accents, have very big egos, etc. He gave awful birthday present of eucalyptus tree infestation, and no koalas to keep their numbers down.
  • Ecuador-icon Ecuadorball - cousin *New Californiaball - Son that wants to secede to become the 51st state! Californiaball will never fall!
  • All other 3-icon 3balls - Aunts and uncles. Plz accept the reservations I have ceded for yuo. 
  • Hamburg-icon Hamburgball - Los Angeles' German version, They have studios and ports.
  • Bremen-icon Bremenball - German version of the city of San Francisco.

Major Cityballs

"All of my children need to stop bitching about NorCal or SoCal." - Californiaball

  • Sacramento-icon Sacramentoball - Capitalball. Only relevant because of this. Currently being colonized by housing price refugees from San Francisco-icon Oakland-icon SanJose-icon The Bay Area
  • San Francisco-icon San Franciscoball - Expensive, liberal cityball infested with hippies. Also known as the cityball that rest of state hates. Likes homosex. Into gentrification and exporter of gentrification.
  • Oakland-icon Oaklandball - San Franciscoball's twin brother. Home of the worst sports teams, including the Raiders... Las Vegas-icon oh wait. Starting to take up on his brother's gentrification.
  • Los Angeles-icon Los Angelesball - My largest and celeb cityball, home of Hollywood. Makes most of my movies and thinks he's (like) so special.
    • Riverside-icon Riversideball - Los Angelesball's suburban mountain area. **San Bernardino-icon San Bernardino Countyball - Los Angelesball's mountain area. Outsiders see him as more notable for his size than the city he's named after. San Bernardino city-icon
      • Irvine-icon Irvineball - The bane of Los Angeles and full of Asians.
    • Long Beach-icon Long Beachball - Grande suburb of Los Angeles. Almost the same population as Sacramento.
  • San Diego-icon San Diegoball - First of Spainball's settlements, has lots of beaches and keeps lots of pet animals. Acts very Mexican. Outside of LAball's imperialist reach.
  • Monterey-icon Montereyball - One of my oldest sons. Has an aquarium, so that's cool.
  • SanJose-icon San Joseball - First and oldest cityball, home of Sillicon Valley. Innovative tech nerd who makes everyone buy the latest version of anything Chinaball he makes.
    • Stockton-icon Stocktonball - Lives outside of San Joseball's valley, but risks becoming suburbed by SJ due to housing costs and gentrification.
  • Fresno-icon Fresnoball - Smoggy Central Valley city. I am building the first part of my high speed train in and around his clay. Has Yosemite nearby and a lot of agriculture, so how are you so smoggy? We're trying to be eco-friendly here! *Bakersfieldball - My right armpit (if Fresnoball is my left). He doesn't share my politics.




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