Caliphate of Córdobaball was a Muslim country of Iberia.

Caliphate of Córdobaball was an Andalusian Muslim state proclaimed in 929 of the Emirate of Cordobaball. The Caliphate officially lasted until the year 1031, when it was abolished resulting in the fragmentation of the state in a multitude of kingdoms known as taifas. Their second caliph Al-Hakam II was homosexual.


Abd-ar-Rahman III (929–961)
Al-Hakam II (961–976)
Hisham II (976–1009)
Muhammad II (1009)
Sulayman Hisham II (1009–1010)
Hisham II (1010–13)
Sulayman Hisham II (1013–1016)
Hisham II (1016–19)
Sulayman Abd ar-Rahman IV (1018)
Ali ibn Hammud al-Nasir (1016—1018)
Al-Qasim al-Ma'mun ibn Hammud (1018–1021)
Yahya ibn Ali al-Mu'tali (1021–1023)
Al-Qasim al-Ma'mun ibn Hammud (1023)
Abd ar-Rahman V (1023–1024)
Muhammad III (1024–1025)
Yahya ibn Ali al-Mu'tali (1025–1026)
Hisham III (1026–1031)

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