Cambodiaball, or Kampucheaball, is a genocidal and poor small countryball that can speak more than 12 languages in peninsular Southeast Asia. To the west is Thailand-icon.png Thailandball, east is Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball, north is Laos-icon.png Laosball. He loves his Angkor Wat very much and remembers glory days of Khmer Empire-icon.png Khmer Empireball. Cambodia-icon.png Cambodiaball can into Theravada-icon.png Theravada Buddhism.

(How many times does Cambodiaball have to say: Pol Pot is not of our traditional dish!)

He also loves his beer a lot. But he still drinks responsibly. He loves his precious Kampot pepper. Kampot pepper can into good cuisine. Cambodiaball's cuisine can into Cambodia Ball delicacies.


At first, there were only 1-icon.png 1balls. But then these 1balls learned of India-icon.png Indian knowledge. Then Kingdom of Funan-icon.png Kingdom of Funanball was born. He lived a happy life and he had the earliest great economy in Southeast Asia. Funanball lived off trade and he was also very good at farming, something he has passed down to his descendants, his son Chenla and his distant descendant, modern-day Cambodia-icon.png Cambodiaball.

When Funanball was weak and old, his son Chenlaball grew up and anschlussed Funanball. The rulers of Tangball made a history of Chenlaball.

Chenlaball died and his two children, Water Chenlaball (daughter) and Land Chenlaball (son) fought against each other and became very weak. Then a guy called Jayavarman II came along and united the two children. Thus Khmer Empire-icon.png Khmer Empireball was born. Khmer Empireball was only very young but it was stronk, very stronk. Under Jayavarman II, they kicked Javaballs out of their clay.

Khmer Empireball went on a rage (this behaviour would resurface in Khmer Rougeball) and anschlussed primitive 1balls and weak states around him. Angkor Wat was built and Khmer Empireball kept on anschlussing other kingdoms.

Then the Thailand-icon.png Thaiballs and Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamballs came and screwed everything up! (details censored due to sensitivity). France-icon.png Franceball also conquered them once because Cambodiaball asked for protection from Siam-icon.png Siamball. Franceball put him inside French Indochina-icon.png Indochinaball with Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball and Laos-icon.png Laosball.

Cambodia was of communist until 1993 under "Pol Pot mode" and many Cambodiaballs died. After border clashes with Vietnamball as well as massacres against Vietnamese, Vietnamball overthrew the Khmer Rouge and replaced with it with PR Kampucheaball Cambodiaball was once sick with Khmer Rougeball (a variety of the communist disease which is very contagious in poor countries) and made killings of many Cambodiaballs. 


Now Cambodia is developing. In fact, he has one of the best economic records in Southeastern Asia. He loves tourism and visitors to Angkor Wat, it means monies for him.

Cambodia-icon.png Cambodiaball likes rice, it is very delicious, and can into feeding people. His cuisine is great. He can cook very good foods (France-icon.png Franceball is often impressed). Cambodiaball is home to Kampotball, which produces world-class Kampot pepper. Also, has many delicacies such as frogs legs, snails and Cambodiaball's original invention: fried tarantula (Franceball: Honhonhon, mon fils, votre cuisine est exquise !) Also, fish is made into prahok using the power of Khmer cuisine (prahok is sort of like surströmming but better).

He is building lots of roads and can into upgraded transportation. He only has three airports but is good for monies and tourism.

90 percent of citizens are Khmer. There are a few Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamballs, China-icon.png Chinese Cambodiaballs, and Chamballs. There are also descendants of ancient 1balls called Khmer Loeuballs. Sadly, they still cannot really into modern technology.

Cambodiaballs wear krama scarves. They like to celebrate the Water Festival. Hopefully, can into space.

However, he still has problems. For example, crime and corruption are everywhere. It breaks his heart to see many Cambodiaballs in poverty.

(Cambodia-icon.png Cambodiaball: I deny all accusations of impunity!!!)

Flag Colors

Main Colors

International Klein Blue 3, 46, 161 C98-M71-Y0-K37 #032EA1
Cadmium Red 224, 0, 37 C0-M100-Y83-K12 #E00025

Emblem Colors

White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
Black 0, 0, 0 C0-M0-Y0-K100 #000000


Friends​ (មិត្ត)

  • China-icon.png Chinaball - Cambodia's oldest ally, though he supported murderous Khmer Rougeball. Also are gib aid to Cambodia and many Chinese tourists take pictures of great Khmer architecture. We both have a common enemy.
  • Russia-icon.png Russiaball - China-icon.png Dim Sum's buddy, the two of us have always got along and we are doing a lot of economic projects together, I'm going to be nice and recognize Crimea-icon.png Crimea as your clay in return.
  • South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball - They also gib aid and money. Cambodia likes the K-pop. Also many Korean tourists visit and take pictures of great Khmer architecture.
  • Japan-icon.png Japanball - Also gib aid and money. Helped build bridges across mighty Mekong. Also many Japanese take pics of great Khmer architecture.
  • India-icon.png Indiaball - Great ancestor who made Angkor Wat and gib Buddhism.
  • France-icon.png Franceball - Step-mother. Saved Cambodia from conquests of Thailand and Vietnam in 19th century. Cambodia hated her for capitalist exploitation but later remains good relation. French is taught in many schools and France is impressed by Cambodia's great Khmer cuisine.
  • Myanmar-icon.png Myanmarball - We are both in ASEAN-icon.png ASEANball and We both love China-icon.png Dim Sum and Russia-icon.png Vodka

Neutral (អព្យាក្រឹត)

  • Laos-icon.png Laoball - Cambodia's long time neighbor, was once a commie puppet brother along with Vietnam but later Cambodia quitted. It's okay though, Laos am poor like Cambodia and they were/are also friends BUT I need to tell that Laos should live without being a commie puppet government.
  • USA-icon.png USAball - Big friend. US monies everywhere in Cambodia. Grateful for gib aid against Khmer Rouge. Still has a bruise from when he bombed my lands. WHY??? You hate my buddies, Russiaball and Chinaball and you supported the Khmer Rogue. He is also cutting back Aid, I also gave up Military Cooperation with him.
  • Thailand-icon.png Thailandball - Used to be oldest arch-enemy, still bitter today but we are of friends sometimes. Please get off of my temple, and stop stealing of my language! And how dare you support Khmer Rouge!
  • Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball - A friend on ASEAN. I hope we continue to be friends, if only you didn't try to remove dimsum. YOU USING DIRTY POLITICS TO FORCE ASEAN TO DEAL WITH DIMSUM AND SPRATLYS?!! I H8 YOU!!!... still. We can still be friends and stuff.
  • Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball - REMOVE Phở! GIB BACK KHMER CLAY! SAIGON PREY NOKOR! KAMPUCHEA KROM IS CAMBODIABALL'S CLAY! STOP OPPRESSING KHMER KROM! THEY ARE OUR BROTHERS!... But thanks for removing Khmer Rouge. You are also my 4th largest trading partner and bilateral economic ties have been expanding over the past few years. Not to mention, our leaders are friendly towards each other. As a precondition, PLEASE STOP TREATING LAOS LIKE A COMMIE DOG AND JUST LET HIM GO! I USED TO BE A COMMIE OF YOU BUT NOT ANYMORE, YOU ARE A COMMIE SCUM! I CAN INTO CAPITALISM!!! YOU ARE NO LONGER MY COMMUNIST PUPPET!!! SOUTH VIETNAM CAN INTO WIN!!!

Enemies (សត្រូវ​)

How to draw

Drawing Cambodiaball is almost simple:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into three horizontal stripes of this blue, this red and this blue
  2. Draw a white silhouette of the Angkor Wat in the red stripe
  3. Draw the eyes and you have finished





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