The City of Camroseball is a city in Camrose Countyball; a county in the region of Central Albertaball, A region of the province of Albertaball, in Canadabal. he started as a village in May 4th 1905, then became a town in December 11th 1906, and then a city in January 11th 1955; But he was First settled around 1900, around that time the neighbouring settlement of Wetaskiwinball was a major scene for pioneers. Camroseball was a major stopping-point for pioneers before they set out for new land, (he is a days journey away from Wetaskiwinball if you follow the railroad); soon after, many Businesses came a stayed in The City of Camroseball. many came from Norwayball and Swedenball to come and live in Camroseball. Some also came from USAball. (then it was called The Hamlet of Stoney Creekball), then in 1905 he was renamed the Village of Sparlingball. after the name was often confused with Stirlingball and Sperlingball they change the name to Camroseball in 1906. then in 1908 they came out with the newspaper The Camrose Canadian. Later in 1911 he got his first power plant. Then during World War II he was used as a army training ground.

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