Canary Islands-icon.png Canary Islandsball is a Spain-icon.png Spanish autonomous regionball near the coast of Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball. They are mainly known for their tourist attraction and beaches. It is sometimes counted as an oversees territory with special voting rights like French Guyana-icon.png French Guianaball. They are very proud to be a part of Spain-icon.png Spainball because that made them stronk, but apparently for a reason, they don't like Madrid-icon.png Madridball at all. In 1977, the worst aviation accident in history on Canary Islands-icon.png Tenerife Island in the Canary Islandsball, the Tenerife air disaster, killed 583 people.


Canary Islandsball was born as a 2-icon.png 2ball, and adopted by Berbers-icon.png Berbersball (Guanche). It was colonized by Spain-icon.png Spainball in 1402.


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