Caribbean Netherlandsball (sometimes referred to as BES Islandsball, acronym of the three islands that constitute it) is the union of the three islands of Bonaire-icon.png BonaireballSint Eustatius-icon.png Sint Eustatiusball and Saba-icon.png Sababall. It is an overseas region of the Netherlands-icon.png Netherlandsball located in the Caribbean Sea.


After the new establishment of the Dutch Empire-icon.png United Kingdom of the Netherlandsball in 1815, the Dutch West Indies island colonies were reorganized into Curaçao and Dependencies-icon.png Curaçao and Dependenciesball and Sint Eustatius and Dependencies-icon.png Sint Eustatius and Dependenciesball. The former assimilated the latter in 1828 and then became the Netherlands Antilles-icon.png Netherlands Antillesball in 1954, being composed of Aruba-icon.png Arubaball (who became a more autonomous constituent countryball in 1986), Bonaire-icon.png BonaireballCuracao-icon.png CuracaoballSaba-icon.png SababallSint Eustatius-icon.png Sint Eustatiusball and Sint Maarten-icon.png Sint Maartenball​.

Netherlands Antilles-icon.png Caribbean Netherlandsball was formed after the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles-icon.png Netherlands Antillesball following the gained autonomy of Curacao-icon.png Curacaoball and ​Sint Maarten-icon.png Sint Maartenball​. Now only including Bonaire-icon.png BonaireballSint Eustatius-icon.png Sint Eustatiusball and Saba-icon.png Sababall.


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