These are all the countries who live in the Northern region of Europe

Kalmar Union-icon.png BLANDA UPP!!! Nordics STRONK! Long Live Kalmar! Kalmar Union-icon.png
Countries Denmark-icon.png Denmarkball (Faroe-icon.png FaroeballGreenland-icon.png Greenlandball) • Estonia-icon (Nordic).png EstoniaballFinland-icon.png Finlandball (Aland-icon.png Ålandball)• Iceland-icon.png IcelandballNorway-icon.png Norwayball (Svalbard-icon.png Svalbardball) • Sweden-icon.png Swedenball • (Gotland-icon.png Gotlandball Ladonia-icon.pngLadoniaball) • (Orkney-icon.png OrkneyballShetland-icon.png Shetlandball)
Historic entities Kalmar Union-icon.png Kalmar UnionballSweden-Norway-icon.png Sweden-NorwayballDenmark-icon.png Denmark-Norwayball
Cannot into Nordic Estonia-icon.png EstoniaballLatvia-icon.png LatviaballLithuania-icon.png Lithuaniaball
_ There is no evidence that Vikings wore horns on their helmets; this would have been highly impractical in battle. In fact, the image of Vikings wearing horned helmets stems from the scenography of an 1876 production of the Der Ring des Nibelungen opera cycle by Richard Wagner.
Scandinavian Union-icon.png Communist United Kingdom of the Scandinavian Union Scandinavian Union-icon.png
Provinces Scandinavian Aland-icon.png Aland IslandsballScandinavian Denmark-icon.png DenmarkballScandinavian Faroe Islands-icon.png Faroe IslandsballScandinavian Norway-icon.png NorwayballScandinavian Sweden-icon.png Swedenball
Autonomous Region Western Lapland-icon.png Western Laplandball
Former entities 2-icon.png NativesNorwegian-Empire-icon.png Medieval NorwayballSvealand-icon.png Medieval SwedenballKalmar Union-icon.png Kalmar UnionballSwedish Empire-icon.png Swedish EmpireballNorway-icon.png Norwayball (1814)Sweden-Norway-icon.png Sweden-NorwayballNazi Norway-icon.png Nazi NorwayballDenmark-icon.png Denmarkball (Until 2016) • Norway-icon.png Norwayball (Until 2016) • Sweden-icon.png Swedenball (Until 2017) • Scandinavian Union-icon.png Kingdom of Denmark and Norwayball

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