These are all the countries who live in the Northern region of Europe

Kalmar Union-icon BLANDA UPP!!! Nordics STRONK! Long Live Kalmar! Kalmar Union-icon
Countries Denmark-icon Denmarkball (Faroe-icon FaroeballGreenland-icon Greenlandball) • Finland-icon Finlandball (Aland-icon Ålandball)• Iceland-icon IcelandballNorway-icon Norwayball (Svalbard-icon Svalbardball) • Sweden-icon Swedenball • (Gotland-icon Gotlandball) • (Orkney-icon OrkneyballShetland-icon Shetlandball)
Historic entities Kalmar Union-icon Kalmar Unionball
Cannot into Nordic Estonia-icon EstoniaballLatvia-icon LatviaballLithuania-icon Lithuaniaball
Scandinavian Union-icon Communist United Kingdom of the Scandinavian Union Scandinavian Union-icon
Provinces Scandinavian Aland-icon Aland IslandsballScandinavian Denmark-icon DenmarkballScandinavian Faroe Islands-icon Faroe IslandsballScandinavian Norway-icon NorwayballScandinavian Sweden-icon Swedenball
Autonomous Region Western Lapland-icon Western Laplandball
Former entities 2-icon NativesNorwegian-Empire-icon Medieval NorwayballSvealand-icon Medieval SwedenballKalmar Union-icon Kalmar UnionballSwedish Empire-icon Swedish EmpireballNorway-icon Norwayball (1814)Sweden-Norway-icon Sweden-NorwayballNazi Norway-icon Nazi NorwayballDenmark-icon Denmarkball (Until 2016) • Norway-icon Norwayball (Until 2016) • Sweden-icon Swedenball (Until 2017) • Scandinavian Union-icon Kingdom of Denmark and Norwayball

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