+The Stans are the Central Asian nations whose name (in English or one of the Western European languages) ends in -stan (which roughly means "land of"). Sometimes, also Armenia is counted since Armenian name for the country itself is Hayastan(and China Chinastan). Azerbaijan, instead, is not counted since it ends in -jan/-can.
Some other Central Asian/Persian/Hindustani could also be included, but this don't usually feature in Polandball comics except for this comic.

(Spoiler: Some countries call Saudi Arabia Arabestan,Ethiopia Habeshistan, and Greece Yunanistan.)

(Second Spoiler:Persians call West and Latin Europe Frangistan,Starta Spartastan,

and North Ossetia Iryston-Alania)

(Third Spoiler:Turkish people call Some countries with -stan at end like:Hungary Macaristan)

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