History of the USA.

It needs how it has history.

50000 BC - 4-icon.png Prehistoric People’s are first mentioned even though they use rocks to write

48300 BC - 4-icon.png 4ball decides to protect their people's from human expanding and it did not go well.

37500 BC - 4-icon.png 4ball lives a harvesting, hunting, and eating life hunting now-extinct animals.

24500 BC - 4-icon.png 4balls are last mentioned

16500 BC - 3-icon.png Native Americans are established

10000 BC - 1-icon.png 1balls cross the landbridge between 2-icon.png Russiaball and 3-icon.png Alaskaball

1 AD - The 3-icon.png Natives make it to the AD's

500 AD - The first city is founded by 3-icon.png 3ball

1000 - 3-icon.png 3ball finds the second city

1100 - The last city in 3-icon.png Arizonaball is founded before the New World

1450 - Iroquois Confederacy-icon.png Iroquois Confederacyball is formed.

1492 - Spanish-Empire-icon.png Spanish Empireball discovers the New World and lands on 3-icon.png Puerto Ricoball after landing into the 3-icon.png Bahamasball

1537 - Spanish-Empire-icon.png Spainball explores 3-icon.png Floridaball

1609 - The ColAmerica-icon.png Thirteen Coloniesball are established after English settlements in the Kingdom of Great Britain-icon.png Colony of Virginiaball

1680 - Iroquois Confederacy-icon.png Iroquois Confederacyball at max extent, invading up to Mississippi River.

1707 - Union Act between England-icon (hat).png Englandball and Scotland-icon (1700-1820 Soldier) .png Scotlandball

1775 - Revolution starts in the ColAmerica-icon.png 13 Colonies due to taxes from Kingdom of Great Britain-icon.png Great Britainball

1776 - The Founding Fathers (Thomas Jefferson, George Washington etc.) meet at the National Assembly signed the Declaration of Independence. it is signed, declaring their greatest hopes and independence from the bold and aggressive Kingdom of Great Britain-icon.png UKball, becoming USA-icon (1700-1820 Soldier).png USAball.

1777 - Fought with King-icon.png Kingdom of Franceball

1781 - Kingdom of Great Britain-icon.png UKball starts to lose

1783 - The Treaty of Paris is signed by Luxembourg-icon.png Spanish-Empire-icon.png King-icon.png USA-icon.png The Great Allies and Kingdom of Great Britain-icon.png HRE-icon.png The Anti-Rebellious, officially ending the war.

1788 - The Constitution is signed.

1789 - The Constitution signature became effective.

1794 - USA-icon.png USAball kicks out Iroquois Confederacy-icon.pngIroquois Confederacyball from Upstate New York-icon.png New Yorkball.

1803 - USA-icon.png USAball makes the Louisiana Purchase from France-icon.png Franceball

1812 - War of 1812 starts

1814 - UK-icon.png UKball burns down the original White House.

1815 - The War of 1812 ends with a POSSIBLE American Victory, no territorial changes and so the Treaty of Ghentball is signed in Netherlands-icon.png Netherlandsball (Modern-Day Belgium-icon.png Belgiumball).

1846 - The Texas-icon.png Republic of Texasball decided to join USA-icon (1820-1879 Soldier).png USAball causing the Mexican-American War. The California-icon.png California Republicball declares independence but lived for 1 month before being invaded by the US Navy.

1848 - Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball surrenders to USA-icon (1820-1879 Soldier).png USAball, the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo is signed, ending the war.

1849 - California-icon.png Californiaball discovers gold. Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball, UK-icon.png UKball, France-icon.png Franceball, Qing-icon.png Chinaball etc. came to USA-icon.png USAball as immigrants.

1861 - American Civil War begins with an attack at Fort Sutter, SouthCarolina-icon.png South Carolinaball, a battle between USA-icon (1820-1879 Soldier).png USAball and CSA-icon.png CSAball

1863 - Battle of Gettysburg is one of the most BLOODIEST battles in the American History, in Gettysburg,Pennsylvania-icon.png Pennsylvaniaball, this is when CSA-icon.png CSAball starts to lose Territory.

1865 - CSA-icon.png CSAball surrenders to USA-icon.png USAball and banned slavery, and recognised Liberia-icon.png Liberiaball.

1867 - USA-icon.png USAball made the Alaska Purchase, they took Alaska-icon.png Alaska from Russian-Empire-icon.png Russian Empireball for $7,200,000.

1869 - The Transcontinental Railroad is complete, Expanding from San Francisco-icon.png San Franciscoball, California-icon.png Californiaball, to NYC-icon.png New York Cityball, New York-icon.png New Yorkball.

1872 - Wyoming-icon.png Wyomingball and USA-icon.png USAball made an establishment of the Yellowstone National Park.

1876 - USA-icon.png USAball and its allies celebrate his 100th Anniversary!

1879 - Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb

1893 - The Kingdom of Hawaii-icon.png Kingdom of Hawaiiball gets occupied and overthrown by USA-icon (1880-1930 Soldier).png USAball

1894 - After the overthrown of Kingdom of Hawaii-icon.png Hawaiiball, USA-icon.png USAball established Hawaii-icon.png a Provisional Government

1898 - Spanish-American War against Spain-icon.png Spainball. USA-icon (1880-1930 Soldier).png USAball takes up United States Cuba-icon.png Cubaball, United States Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball, PuertoRico-icon.png Puerto Ricoball, Northern Mariana Islands-icon.png Northern Mariana Islandsball and Guam-icon.png Guamball. Then he invaded Hawaii-icon.png Hawaiiball.

1914 - WW1 starts with an assassination of Archduke Ferdinand I by a Kingdom of Serbia-icon.png Serbian Nationalist in Austria-Hungary-icon (hat).png Austria-Hungaryball (Present-day Bosnia-icon.png Bosnia and Herzegovinaball). Austria-Hungary-icon (hat).png Austria-Hungaryball Declares War on Kingdom of Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball

1916 - USA-icon.png USAball signs a treaty with Denmark-icon.png Denmarkball to purchase the Danish-West-Indies-icon.png Danish West Indiesball (now VirginIslands-icon.png United States Virgin Islandsball).

1917 - Intervened with the Allies and the beginning of the Russian Civil War

1918 - WW1 ends with ReichTime.png German Empireball signing an armistice of surrender.

1919 - the Treaty of Verrisales is signed

1929 - The 1929 Stock Market Crash caused the Great Depression to erupt. only 1/3 of Americans lost their jobs,

1939 - WW2 starts in Europe when Nazi-icon (hat).png Nazi Germanyball and Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball rushed into Second Polish Republic-icon.png Polandball and spilt, invaded and divided him two countries.

1940 - USA-icon.png USAball and Japanese-Empire.gif Empire of Japanball sign a peace treaty

1941 - Bombing of Pearl Harbor: USS Arizona is the most destructive. over 2400 Americans died. USA-icon (WW2soldier No Sunglasses).png USAball enters WW2 on the allied powers.

1944 - D-Day landings on Normandy-icon.png Normandyball to liberate Free France-icon.png Franceball

1945 - bombing of Hiroshima-icon.png Hiroshimaball and Nagasaki-icon.png Nagasakiball

1949 - The Cold War starts after the establishment of Germany-icon.png West Germanyball and East Germany-icon.png East Germanyball

1955 - Vietnam War between Vietnam-icon.png North Vietnamball and South Vietnam-icon.png South Vietnamball

1967 - USA-icon (1950-1980 Soldier).gif USAball sends weapons to Israel-icon.png Israelcube during the Six-Day War to defeat Syria-icon (1967).png Syriaball, Egypt-icon.png Egyptball, Jordan-icon.png Jordanball and Lebanon-icon.png Lebanonball

1969 - USA-icon.png USAball wins the Space Race by being the first one on the Moon-icon.png moon

1975 - Vietnam War ends with a unification of Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball with over 57000 Americans died

1991 - The Cold War ends with the breakup of Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball into Russia-icon (1991-1993).png Russiaball, Belarus-icon (old).png Belarusball, Ukrainian SSR-icon.png Ukraineball, Kazakh SSR-icon.png Kazakhbrick etc. USA-icon.png USAball and its allies win the standoff.

2000 - the world celebrates the new millennium.

2001 - In NYC-icon.png New York Cityball an AA plane crashed into the Twin Towers sending them crashing down. the 9/11 memorial was opened 11 years later. Nearly 3000 Americans died including tourists. 9/11 is caused by Al-Qaedaball.

2014 - USA-icon.png USAball Helped many people with Ebola in Liberia-icon.png Liberiaball, Sierra Leone-icon.png Sierra Leoneball and Guinea-icon.png Guineaball

2016 - Donald Trump-icon.png Trump gets elected as the 45th president of USA-icon.png USAball.

2017 - The Deadiest shooting in history: The Las Vagas Shooting in Las Vegas-icon.png Las Vegasball with 55+ Dead and at least 540+ others dead.

  •  April 

2018 - 2018 Bombing of Damascus and Homs: Airstrike attack in Syria-icon (modern soldier).png Syriaball with a help of UK-icon.png UKball and France-icon (beret).png Franceball

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There is a shooting in Indiana-icon.png Indianaball!

France won the FIFA world cup against Croatia-icon.png Croatiaball

Palestine is also recognised by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

Palestine-icon.png Palestineball is also recognised by the SMOM-icon.png Sovereign Military Order of Maltaball.

The George floyd protests

Number1Dfan (talk) 20:03, June 20, 2020 (UTC)The George Floyd Protest started in June 2020 because 8-icon.png 8ball (Majority), 7-icon.png 7ball and 3-icon.png 3ball rights were been taken away by the police because of racisum which is not rightNumber1Dfan (talk) 20:03, June 20, 2020 (UTC)

Best Relationships

Iceland-icon.png and Russia-icon.png

USA-icon.png and Canada-icon.png

USA-icon.png and Japan-icon.png

Oman-icon.png and Saudi Arabia-icon.png

Belarus-icon.png and Russia-icon.png

Sweden-icon.png and Finland-icon.png

Add a category on Chinaball page

[[Chinaball|File:China-icon Chinaball Chinaball is actually a newly industralized country, please add the Newly industrialized Countryballs category on Chinaball's page

Proof it is a newly industrialized country: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newly_industrialized_country

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