A cueball story-Reddit style

2ball as a cueball "Qball" (Reddit style)

A cueball story

A comic with them all.

Caveballs, also called billiard balls, poolballs or cueballs, are countryball entities that represent ancient civilizations, or sometimes just different races or tribes, without actual flags (i.e. the Cherokee Nation) representing them.

On Reddit

  • On Reddit, due to skin color logic, the only allowed caveballs are:
    • 1-icon 1ball, depicting East Asians, South East Asians and Central Asians
    • 6-icon 6ball, depicting aliens
    • 7-icon 7ball, depicting everything else (Native Americans, Europeans, Arabs, Indians, etc.)
    • 8-icon 8ball, depicting Africans and black people

Everywhere else

  • The 1-icon 1ball, can be used to depict East and Southeast Asians such as: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, Thai, Indonesians, etc. The 1ball also depicts similar peoples like the Buryatians, Kamchadals, Turkmens and Uzbeks. It often has a rice hat and slanty or squinty eyes. On the flag of the Olympic Games, the yellow color represents Asia.
  • The 2-icon 2ball, can be used to depict historical Indo-Europeans (including people from Iran and Northern India, Aryans, etc.) as well as Uralics and Turks. On the flag of the Olympic Games, the blue color represents Europe.
    • A totally white Template caveball can be alternatively be used using the skin logic pattern
  • The 3-icon 3ball, can be used to depict Native Americans including Shoshone, Cherokee, Navajo, the Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas. On the flag of the Olympic Games, the red color represents the Americas.
  • The 4-icon 4ball, can be used to depict all Prehistoric people
  • The 5-icon 5ball, formerly describing natives of Australia before their flag adoption (OUTDATED)
  • The 6-icon 6ball, depicting Aliens or extraterrestrials.
  • The 7-icon 7ball, depicting Native Islanders, people who speak languages within the Australoid Family. As the green color is already used to represent 6ball, the brown color has been chosen to represent Oceania in Polandball.
  • The 8-icon 8ball, depicting Sub-Saharan or Native Africans or Africans without flags or African. minorities. On the flag of the Olympic Games, the black color represents Africa.


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