Celjeball is a large city of Slovenia-icon Sloveniaball.


As almost all Slovenian Cities, Celjeball was born as a 2ball, adopted by SPQRball, readopted by Habsburgball, later by Austria-Hungaryball, then by Yugoslaviaball and finally by Sloveniaball.

He was born in the century AD, when Romeball brought together several smaller Villageballs of the Celticballs that lived here. After the fall of Rome, Celjeball became a Slavsball. During the Middle Ages, he had a feud with his lover, Habsburgball, and he lost, so he became the latters litte servant. He became an important Cityball, when the Southern Railway was built by his uncle Austria-Hungaryball.

When Sloveniaball became independent, Celjeball rejoiced, as he became the third most powerfull Cityball of Sloveniaball.


He likes to think about his glorious past, when he was called County of Celjeball. He hates Habsburgball for cheating him out of his noble title and turning him into a normal peasant City. He is with good relations with his Slovenian Cities brothers and sisters.

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