Central African Empireball was a one-party absolute monarchy in Central Africa that lasted for 3 years, before returning back to a republican regime when the emperor was overthrown with French support.


Central African Empireball was created when Jean-Bedel Bokassa dissolved the republic and crowned himself emperor in a ceremony that cost $20,000,000, 1/3rd of the country's budget and all of the foreign aid France-icon.png Franceball had donated to it. He invited several world leaders to the commemoration, but no showed up because Emperor Bokassa was a goddamn lunatic. Though he said being an empire would help it stand out from the rest of Africa and claimed it would be a constitutional monarchy, it was still an absolute military dictatorship.

After constant political suppression and murdering school students for not buying overpriced uniforms, Franceball finally got sick of his shit and deposed Bokassa along with Central African Empireball, making it a republic again.



How to Draw

Drawing CAEball is as follows:

  1. Draw a circle with a black outline
  2. Draw 4 lines going horizontally of equal length, with the top one blue, under that one white, under that one green, and then the last one yellow
  3. Draw a red line going vertically in the middle, with equal length as the other ones
  4. Draw a yellow 5 pointed star in the top left corner
  5. Draw a crown
  6. Draw small circles inside CAE, with a black outline for eyes.
  7. You're done!


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