Ceresball (minor-planet designation: 1 Ceresball) is the only dwarf planetball inside Jupiter-icon.png Jupiterball's orbit. He was first classified as a planetball, then an asteroidball, and recently as a dwarf planetball. He has white spots which was recently revealed to be high concentrations of salts.

He hates Pluto-icon.png Plutoball because of the incessant complaining about his demotion when Ceresball went from planet to asteroid before him.


Ceresball's crust is a thin and dusty. The layer is made out of water and ice. The core is rocky.

Orbit - Rotation

Ceresball orbits between Mars-icon.png Marsball and Jupiter-icon.png Jupiterball. Ceresball orbits around the Sun-icon.png Sun in ~4.60 years. His rotational period lasts 9.074 hours.


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