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Chagatai Khanateball was a Nomad Khanate in the Altai Mountains and Central Asia, it was born in the 13th Century after the fragmentation of the Mongol Empire-icon.png Mongol Empireball and died in the 1340's. It stretched up to Eastern Uzbekistan Uzbekistanball, most of Xinjiangball, a seperatist province of Chinaball, southeastern Kazakhbrick, and Kabulball, the captial of Afghanistanball. They are the ancestors of modern day Uzbekistanball, Tajikistanball, Xinjiangball, Kyrgyzstanball (and possibly Indiaball?)

Chagatai Khanateball was born afterMongol Empire-icon.png Mongol Empireball invaded Qara Khitaiball and it wasn't until 1225 when they were born via as a vassal revicing Mongol Empireball's orders. In 1238 Chagatai had to put down a uprising in Bukharaball was put down by Chagatai Khan who died in 1242. After some civil wars Chagatai Khanateball was independant from Mongol Empire-icon.png Mongol Empireball.

After independence tensions between Chagataiball and Yuanball rised on the dispusted region of Tarim Basin after Chagatai Khanateball drove out a agent of Yuanball agent to secure the region. They asked Golden Hordeball to go to war against Yuanball who sent a giant fleet. In 1267 they attempted to attack Ilkhanateball but the Ilkhans were allied with Yuanball and defeated Chagatai Khanateball in Afghanistanball. Chagatai Khanateball would face contiunious defeat.

In 1275 Chagatai Khanateball went to invade Yuanball once again, invading Punjabball and pushing further in a invasion of Delhi Sultanate-icon.png Delhi Sultanateball. Yuanball defeated them again and Chagtaiball met heavy loses. Finally they recongzied Yuan's authority becoming more friendly. A secondary succesful invasion against Delhi Sultanateball lead to Chagatai Khanate sacking Delhiball. They invaded Delhi Sultanate-icon.png Delhi Sultanateball again but Delhi repelled. Many series of events fought about Chagatai causing political turmoil.

In 1315 Chagatai invaded Ilkhanateball´s clay but was attacked by Yuanball destoying Issyk Kulball. Chagatai made peace with Ilkhanateball and Yuanball after the Chagatai prince Yasa´ur was killed. Chagatai Khanateball started to promote Christian-icon.png Christanity and bulit a chruch but Muslims weren't too fond of it and killed a christian sent by the pope near the border of Kazakhbrick. In the 1340's Chagatai Khanateball faced several revolts dued to instablity, spilting into the West and the East. The short lived Western Chagatai Khanateball eventually becomes anschullsed by Timurid Empire-icon.png Timurid Empireball while The eastern realm becomes the succesor khanate of Moghulistanball.


Mongol Empire-icon.png Mongol Empireball - Father but stop saying I'm "too brutal" to the muslims

Moghulistan-icon.png Moghulistanball - Son who eventually becomes kebab, bascially my only succesor after Western Chagatai Khanateball was killed.

Golden Horde-icon.png Golden Hordeball - The only mongol brother I don't have issues with. May I bless you for helping me against these assholes.

Uzbek SSR-icon.png Uzbek SSRball - Descendant of Timur but thanks for attempting to bring back my language as yours, unforturently it is considered a dead language *weeps*.

Papal States-icon.png Papal Statesball - I tried to introduce christanity into my clay, sorry the guy you sent was assassinated by muslims.


Islam-icon.png Islam - Stop revolting against me and maybe let the other religions have some freedom! You are of causing conflict in my clay. But my leaders later kebab and so did my sons so you is not of too bad.



Ilkhanate-icon.png Ilkhanateball - HE HELPED STUPID Yuanball AGAINST ME!

Delhi Sultanate-icon.png Delhi Sultanateball - Indian of persian descent who I heavily dislike and had tried to remove many times, good you were removed finally by my Mughal-icon.png grandnephew.

Dzungar Khanate-icon.png Dzungar Khanateball - You killed my last descendant ending my legacy! Fuckings you!


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