Chameriaball is a region in modern-day Greeceball that possessed a historical presence and influence of Albaniaball native to the area. This region had therefore been subject to the irredentist claims of Albaniaball which therefore resulted in tensions and violence between the native populous and the then Kingdom of Greeceball government.

Chameriaball of now is a part of the Greek region of Epirusball and possesses a majority Greek population. However, the original Albanian inhabitants now live in "exile" in Albaniaball, hoping to return one day to their homes and perceived "motherland".

Origins within Ottoman rule until Balkan Wars

The mess that was Chameriaball started when the region was conquered by Ottoman Empireball, which then formed the region into the Janina Vilayetball (which encompassed the entirety of the Epirus region, both Greek and Albanian). The region was subject to conversions to Islam and was under the rule of Ali Pasha (Albanian in origin) who brutally crushed the Orthodox warriors of Souliball. After the fall of Ali Pasha, the region remained under Ottoman Empireball rule.

However, the rising sentiments of nationalism amongst Albaniaball and Greeceball sought to see the region united with their respective motherlands. A split between the Albanian populous within the area saw Muslim Albanians wish to unite with a new Muslim Albanian state whereas the Orthodox Albanian adopted a more Greek orientation, thus identifying with Greeceball. When the Balkan Wars finally occurred, Janina Vilayetball was split, with the majority of the region (including Chameriaball) being given to Kingdom of Greeceball and a small portion given to Provisional Government of Albaniaball.

Under Greek rule

Under Greek rule, the Cham Albanians were separated into two separate ethnicities: Orthodox Albanians (Arvanites/"Greeks") and Muslim Albanians (Cham Albanians). The Orthodox Albanians (known as Arvanties) were considered as "Greeks" according to censuses provided by Kingdom of Greeceball and thus were pressured to assimilate into Greek culture (which resulted in the Arvanites we know today). The Muslim Albanian Chams were often grouped into the same category as Turkeyball and thus were unrepresented, deported to Ottomanball (as part of the population exchange after the Greco-Turkish War) and were subject to discrimination.

The Cham Albanians themselves possessed no intention of assimilating into Greeceball and was not unfamiliar with separatist based rhetoric (in hopes of uniting Chameriaball with the now Albanian Kingdomball (1928–39)). Under the Metaxas Regime that took power over Kingdom of Greeceball, the Cham Albanians were subjected to military surveillance and the seizure of property (as the Greeks hoped to accommodate displaced Greeks from Anatolia). Kingdom of Greeceball never grew to trust the seemingly, separatist based Albanians of Chameriaball, which would only worsen during the outbreak of WWII

Collaboration with the Axis and Communists

The outbreak of the Greco-Italian War saw the Kingdom of Greeceball fight the Kingdom of Italyball in an effort to maintain it's independence. Kingdom of Italyball enticed their protectorate Albanian Kingdomball (1939-1943) to join the fight as a means of achieving a "united Albania". Given this sentiment resonating with Chameriaball, Kingdom of Greeceball enacted a campaign of arresting leading Albanian community leaders, with secret police engaging in interrogation and arrests against all suspects (though it must be noted that no mass killings were orchestrated or recorded during the Metaxas Regime). However, with Nazi Germanyball's entry into the war, the Kingdom of Greeceball surrendered, leaving Greece under military occupation. 

Albanian Kingdomball (1939-1943) was given authority over Chameriaball (although it was still under Italian rule), which pleased the Cham Albanians. The Cham Albanians began to collaborate with the Axis Powers against Greek Resistance Groups and Albanian Communists whilst also being involved in forming paramilitaries that would commit numerous atrocities against Greek civilians. Once the war concluded, the Greek resistance groups were growing in strength and retaliated against the Muslim Cham population, thus leading to a mass expulsion of civilians to the Albanian mainland. 

However, the Cham Albanians would return yet again during the Greek Civil War, this time on the side of the now Communist PSR Albaniaball. The Chams, supported by PSR AlbaniaballYugoslaviaball,  PR Bulgariaball, and Soviet Unionball, would start to aid North Greeceball in their war against the western-backed Kingdom of Greeceball. When the Communists of Greece were finally defeated, Kingdom of Greeceball enacted a "white terror", with paramilitaries against invading and occupying Chameriaball, resulting in yet another violent and final expulsion of the Cham Albanians.

Legacy today

The modern-day Greeceball sees the Chameriaball Question as a shut case, refusing to allow the Cham Albanians to ever return (due to their legacy of collaboration with both "Anti-Greek forces"). Albaniaball continues to this day to claim the region as a part of Albania (in ultra-nationalist interpretations), with the descendants of the original Cham Albanians hoping to one day return and achieve Greek citizenship.


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