散哭父, Chaozhou can't be Chaoshan!
Chaozhou-iconChaozhouball said

Chaozhou-icon Chaozhouball is a third famous cityball of China-icon (subdivision) Guangdongball, China-iconChinaball. He thinks his native language should be called Teochewese but not Chaoshanese. But Jieyang-icon Jieyangball doesn't agree with this. He is also one of the member of "" and the leader of Chaoshan region. He thought he was rich, but he was actually poorer than Jieyangball. He also thinks that he should get the honour of "Eastern Jews", not Wenzhouball, and most commodities like sneak and toys of the manufacturing enterprises are either from Guangdong (Chaozhou, Dongwan) or from Zhejiang (Hangzhou, Wenzhou).

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