The Charrua-icon Charruas are a tribe in South America that lived in  Argentina-icon ArgentinaBrazil-icon Brazil and Uruguay-icon Uruguay.

When Spanish-Empire-icon Spainball arrived to the rio de la plata in 1516 it was attacked by Charrua-icon Charruaball, that killed and ate the almirant Juan Diaz the Solis and Spanish-Empire-icon Spainball scaped.

Charrua-icon Charruaball had to fight Spanish-Empire-icon Spainball and Guarani-icon Guaraniball, and loosed all of it's clay after the foundation of Spanish-Empire-icon Banda Orientalball in 1814.

In 1831 Uruguay-icon Uruguayball tried to kill him in the Salsipuedes Slaughter, it failed, but he died some years after that.

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