Chechnyaball, officially the Chechen Republicball, is a federal republic and former separatist region of Russia-icon Russiaball, also a Turan-icon Kebab in North Caucasus.

He has been fighting all his life against many invaders. He is friendly to his neighbours, which he calls brothers, Ingushetia-icon Ingushetiaball, Dagestan-icon Dagestanball and others.

He used to hate Russiaball due to his history with him, however not anymore since he has received nearly complete autonomy of Russia.

He is also one of the strongest Kebabs, which makes it hard for Kebab removers to remove him. He believes that even the Satan-icon Devil is scared of him.


Much of his history is not known, no one knows from where he came, but is known that he has been in his land ever since 8.000 B.C.

Chechnyaball of beat up the Mongols two times and beat the Timurids as well. He has fought against many Tatars his life and always been fighting against the other Caucasians. But this all changed when Great Vodka came. When Vodka came Chechnyaball of beatings their ass near Chechen-Aul where he got his Russian name from. From this moment on he has of been in war with Russia-icon Vodka.

After a while, Russia-icon Vodka decided to conquer Chechnyaball and rest of Caucasusballs. He lead a valiant defense with his North Caucasian brothers and fought against Russia-icon Vodka for an over 100 year war. He was eventually out manned after his so-called brother Dagestan-icon Dagestanball surrendered.

In the horrible year of 1944 he and his brother Ingushetia-icon Ingushetiaball were deported to Kazakhstan by the Soviet-icon Great Soviet Vodka. He had to endure the death of many many relatives and the shame of being sent away from his fatherland. In 1953 he was allowed a trip home and at once went back. After this he hated Russia-icon Vodka even more!

After the Soviet-icon Great Soviet Vodka destroyed itself and became normal Russia-icon Vodka, Chechnyaball was brave and decided to declare independence. This lead to what is called the First Chechen War. In this war he humiliated Russia-icon Vodka and sent his ass back to his cold lands, Chechnya then became Chechen Republic of Ichkeria-icon Chechen Republic of Ichkeriaball. Being angry, Russia-icon Vodka decided to attack Chechen Republic of Ichkeria-icon Chechnyaball again starting the Second Chechen War which ended in a Russian victory and Chechen Republic of Ichkeria-icon Chechnyaball being forced back into Russia-icon Russiaball clay.

To this day he is not fighting against big Russia-icon Vodka anymore, instead he united with him to kill Caucasus Emirate-icon Terrorists. Chechen is almost completely independent from Russia, this means they can apply Islamic law in its territory and have some different specific laws of the rest of the federation. They also adopted a new flag. The current Chechen leader is a close friend of Vladimir Putin and a strong powerful man in whole Russia.

As of 2017, Chechen troops have been deployed in Syria-icon Syria to protect peace, also he is killing LGBT's.



  • Ingushetia-icon Ingushetiaball - He is a good brother, helped him during the old problems. Stop whinings about losing clay, yuo used to be a part of my clay
  • Dagestan-icon Dagestanball - My old friend, he should fix himself though, I could help him but I have other things to do in my lands... Give Aukh! stupid avars took it from me!
  • Syria-icon Syriaball - I of helping him in war against ISIS parasite, sending units to assist the civilians and imams to study there.
  • Russia-icon Russiaball - Disturbed historical relations, bad in most part since recently. But nowadays things are becoming different, since new Chechen government relations with Russia became strong and Chechnya grow a lot becoming stronk. So much money from Vodka! Putin is best! Okay, will not remove, yet, we are good friends now. Also I killed my first Russiaball when I was of 16.


All kebab removers, especially these ones:

  • Serbia-icon Serbiaball - Kebab remover but no an enemy at all, still I hate you because of your activists supporting gay scum against me.
  • Ukraine-icon Ukraineball - Aaagh scum supported and still giving support to some filthy rebels in my territories. You are a disgrace that will be eradicated.
  • USA-icon USAball - What? So you keep imposing sanctions on me and calling me evil for killing some gay? Are you seriously supporting Ukraine also? HOW DARE YOU!!! YOU DESERVED THE ATTACK!!!! ME AND PUTIN WILL SCREW THE WHOLE WORLD! BOSTON 2013 WAS TOO EASY. Sorry, am not terrorist.
  • Caucasus Emirate-icon Caucasus Emirateball - I cleaned you from my lands stupid scum enemy of islam!! Now Chechnya is wonderful land free from dirty infidel like you!! LONG LIVE KADYROV!!
  • Germany-icon Germanyball - Stupid pro Gay scum. I will jail you if you dare to come to my lands!
  • Myanmar-icon Myanmarball - I don't care that you are Russia-icon Russia's friend and ally, stop persecuting the Rohingya-icon Rohingya or I will remove you



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