Chemnitzball is a Germany-icon German city located in Saxony-icon Saxonyball.


Chemnitzball the settlement of an early Slavic tribe. In medieval times, Chemnitzball became a centre of textile production and trade. More than one-third of the population worked in textile production. By the early 19th century, Chemnitzball had become an industrial centre. In 1913, Chemnitzball had a population of 320,000 and, like Leipzigball and Dresdenball, was larger at that time than today. After losing inhabitants due to the first World War Chemnitzball grew rapidly again and reached its all-time peak of 360,250 inhabitants in 1930. After the dissolution of the states in GDRball in 1952, Chemnitzball became the seat of a district. On 10 May 1953, the city was renamed by the decision of the East German government to Karl-Marx-Stadt after Karl Marx.

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