Chernobylball (Ukrainian: Чорнобиль) is a cityball of Ukraine-icon Ukraineball during the times of Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball, and blowing up is the only reason he is of ANY relevance even if dead. He has three eyes due to radiation. The city was Uninhabitable by radiation until 2002, when tourists started to come for a somewhat dark guide spot.

Everybody knows Chornobylball for exploding even though the power plant was so much closer to Prypyatball for some reason.


Chornobylball was founded by Kiev-icon Kyivan Rusball and later adopted by Grand Duchy of Lithuania-icon Grand Duchy of Lithuaniaball, Kingdom of Poland-icon Kingdom of Polandball, Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball, Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball and finally Ukraine-icon Ukraineball.

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