Cherokeeball is was a countryball in Southeast North America. The Cherokeeballs are the largest Native American nation of USA-icon USAball. His clay was in what is now Georgiaball, Tennesseeball, North Carolinaball, and South Carolinaball. He has a twin brother also called Cherokeeball who has clay in Missouriball, Arkansasball, Kansasball, Oklahomaball, and Texasball.


Cherokeeball formed when serveral Cherokee citystateballs united. The British Empireball started colonization on some of his clay creating the southern most part of American Colonialball's clay. Cherokeeball had more clay bought by USAball. Cherokeeball was destroyed during the forceful implementation of the Indian Removal Act.

He calls USAball by the name ᎠᎺᎢ

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