Chiapasball is the Stateball that represents the Free and Sovereign State of Chiapas. He is an adoptive state of Mexicoball. Is the Mexicoball's most conservative stateball because retains is own culture since before annexation to Mexicoball.


He is very happy but also very hermit. Like other Spanish-speaking countryballs, is very conservative, what contrasts with the other stateballs. Although there is a lot of natural and cultural wealth, its economy is very poor.

The cuisine can be considered very erotic, they are among their favorite ingredients river snails, mushrooms, ants, worms, snakes, possums and chipilín. He loves local grain coffee as well as two traditional drinks pozol and tascalate. He is the largest consumer of Coke in the world, which makes him very sweet to the blood

Usually he argues with Oaxacaball for their border disputes; with Guatemalaball by which of the two he invented the chromatic marimba and Canadaball for over exploitation of his mines.


In 1523 Spanish Empireball conquered him. The September 20, 1724 is converted into a province of the Empire. In 1821 he declares independence. The September 14, 1824 he was annexed to mexico. Guatemalaball and Mexicoball fought for him until 1842. No participated in the Mexican Revolution, but 10 years later fought against the introduction of this on their territory. On January 1, 1994, a group of armed Indians, calling itself the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, he held various municipalities the same day entered into force on North American Free Trade Agreement. He has lived most of his life apart from the countries that have governed him and usually he like it that way.




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