Chin Stateball has a THICC CHIN is a state of Myanmar-icon.png Myanmarball. He is commonly confused with China-icon.png Chinaball. He can into chin and can into mountain range. The area is inhabited by the Chin hill tribes, a group of around a hundred tribes that inhabit the mountain ranges of the area. The state is mainly Christian-icon.png Christian, brought by USA-icon.png American missionaries in the 1890s. The state has eight main ethnic groups/languages: Laimi, Matu, Zomi, Mizo, Asho, Mara, Khumi, and Daai.

His clay is bordered by India-icon.png Indiaball, Bangladesh-icon.pngBangladeshball, Rakhine State-icon.pngRakhine Stateball, Magway Region-icon.pngMagway Regionball and Sagaing Region-icon.pngSagaing Regionball.


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